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October 4, 2010

FBI busts cyber-crime ring

by Janet Harris
The Federal Bureau of Investigations has arrested over 100 members of a gang of cyber-crinminals who collectively stole £44.4 million by hacking into computers in the US. Nineteen members of the gang have also been arrested in the UK and five in the Ukraine. The fraud came to light after the FBI noticed suspicious trends in bank transactions in Omaha. It ...

October 2, 2010

More arrests in Zeus botnet affair, five in Ukraine

by Darren Allan
Ukranian police have arrested five people suspected of being the masterminds behind the Zeus botnet operation which has pilfered millions from online bank accounts. This comes after the arrest of 19 suspects in the UK earlier this week, with more arrested in the States following that in what is an international effort to thwart a major cyber-criminal ring. The Zeus ...

September 29, 2010

Police nab 19 over Zeus botnet bank fraud

by Darren Allan
In the latest of a series of arrests to be made in relation to online bank fraud, the Met's e-crime unit has struck again, taking 19 alleged cyber-criminals into custody. The gang is suspected of having stolen some £6 million over the last three months, according to the BBC News (just enough money for them to be able to ...

August 11, 2010

Zeus pilfers £675,000 from UK bank

by Darren Allan
A new variant of the Zeus trojan has been hard at work in the UK, in an online banking scam which has cost the customers of one unnamed UK bank £675,000 in unauthorised withdrawals over the last month. The malware infects customers' computers from a website (sometimes an unaware legitimate site, or via an advert link) and siphons off ...

April 22, 2010

Trusteer detects new Zeus (Zbot) password stealing Trojan

by Janet Harris
Trusteer, the leading provider of secure browsing services, today announced that a completely new version of the Zeus (Zbot) password stealing Trojan that targets online banking users has already been detected by the Trusteer Rapport service on one in every 3,000 computers it monitors. This is an unprecedented rate of distribution for new financial malware code. Version 1.4 of Zeus, also known ...