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Cable News

December 1, 2010

Virgin Media officially unveils TiVo STB

by Darren Allan
Virgin Media has officially launched what the company is calling the UK's first next-gen entertainment platform. The TiVo powered set-top box boasts a “game-changing” interface (which we saw leaked screenshots of yesterday), and it brings a new “world of apps” to the living room. Virgin says that the easy to use interface combines the live TV schedule with a catch-up ...

November 30, 2010

First grabs of Virgin Media’s TiVo service spotted

by Darren Allan
The first screenshots of the interface for Virgin Media's upcoming TiVo powered Connected TV service are floating around the net. You can take a gander at them courtesy of Pocket Lint, with the site claiming that the service will be launched before the end of the year. The TiVo powered HD/3D set-top box is going to offer a mammoth ...

November 18, 2010

Virgin Media says ‘something special’s coming’

by Janet Harris
Virgin Media has published a pic of its forthcoming TiVo set-top box on its website, although most of the device is hidden beneath a red cloth. The remote is revealed in all its glory, although it does look pretty much like any other Virgin Media remote. The webpage doesn’t add anything to what the company has already revealed ...

November 11, 2010

Virgin Media signs Channel 5

by Janet Harris
Virgin Media now boasts a full complement of terrestrial channels with the news that it has signed a deal with Channel 5. Most of Channel 5’s content will be available on Virgin Media’s TV, online and mobile video platforms, including HD content. Sister channels Fiver and Five US are included in the deal. Virgin Media’s viewers will now be able ...

October 25, 2010

Virgin Media and NBC Universal announce VOD deal

by Janet Harris
Virgin Media has announced a deal will NBC Universal that will boost its TV Choice on Demand service, prior to tomorrow’s launch of Sky’s internet-based VoD service, Anytime+. Virgin Media’s latest deal will allow it to offer on-demand access to NBC Universal’s content, which includes Heroes, House, The Office (US) and 30 Rock, from 1 December. NBC Universal’s ...

October 14, 2010

Virgin Media and Spotify deal rumoured

by Janet Harris
Neither Virgin Media nor Spotify are commenting on rumours of a partnership, but the invitation on Spotify.com to‘just help yourself to whatever you want’ would be a good fit with Virgin’s ambition to offer unlimited music downloads via the television. Virgin Media announced plans for a subscription-based music-streaming service over a year ago, but its determination to offer ...

July 21, 2010

Virgin Media starts Sky Sports campaign

by David Allen
The cable TV provider Virgin Media has started its marketing campaign to promote its phone, TV and broadband packages and highlight the benefits of the high definition TV service that carries Sky Sports One and Two in HD. Bundles are just a feature in the campaign as it is a way to attract customers to sign up for all ...

July 15, 2010

Virgin Media may appeal against Project Canvas

by David Allen
As plans go ahead to launch the multi channel backed online TV platform Project Canvas, it seems that the cable TV provider Virgin Media is still considering filing a complaint against the scheme with the regulator Ofcom. Virgin Media believes that Project Canvas will be anti competitive. This will form the basis of the firm's argument against the scheme, ...

July 14, 2010

Five HD launches on Virgin Media

by David Allen
There may be a lot going on within the walls of the terrestrial TV channel Five, but life outside grinds on and no matter what the situation is within Five, the channel has to continue moving forward. It is already known that Five HD is on Sky TV and that there is a possibility that the high definition version ...

July 9, 2010

Suddenlink and TiVo sign deal

by David Allen
The eighth largest cable provider in the US, Suddenlink Communications, has signed an agreement with the popular provider of advanced television services. The deal will see Suddenlink distributing the TiVo branded DVR and non DVR set top boxes. TiVo Premiere is the latest evolution of the firm's set top box. It brings together DVR, on demand, as well as ...

July 7, 2010

Virgin Media celebrates ten years

by David Allen
To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Virgin Media broadband services, the company is launching a challenge to internet users to come up with the top ten best things that they have seen on the internet. With many broadband users having used the internet since the early days, finding ten things is going to be easy, but sorting out the ...

June 30, 2010

Free offer from Virgin Media

by David Allen
Bundled services have been around for some time now, yet it still seems that there are many consumers not taking advantage of these deals and making some significant savings in the process. For instance a triple play package, which consists of broadband, phone and TV services from Virgin Media, can start at around £18 per month, but if these ...

June 29, 2010

Will Virgin Media sign up to Project Canvas?

by David Allen
Now that the BBC Trust has given Project Canvas the go ahead, there is little that can stop it from going live on the internet and even an appeal from BSkyB or Virgin Media may not have the desired effect. However, Virgin Media has been taking a different stance to the online TV service, in fact there have even ...

June 28, 2010

Virgin Media launches new channel

by David Allen
Yet another channel has been created to show mainly imported, but possibly some home grown television content, and it will be launched on the 5th July by Virgin Media Television. The new channel will be called Living Loves. It will be available to subscribers to Virgin Media TV and Sky TV and will be replacing the existing Living+2 channel. The ...

June 24, 2010

Virgin Media looking to expand

by David Allen
There are plenty of places around the UK where BT feels investment in broadband is not practical, but cable broadband provider Virgin Media sees this not just as a challenge but also as a great opportunity. Virgin Media will be talking to power companies with a view to using the poles that ...

June 15, 2010

Virgin Media wants to work with Project Canvas

by David Allen
A while ago, it seemed that Virgin Media was against the development of the multi-channel online TV service Project Canvas, but now it would seem that the cable TV provider is supporting the scheme. According to the CEO of Virgin Media, Neil Berkett, Virgin Media is standing behind Project Canvas and in fact, following its deal with TiVo, the ...

June 14, 2010

Virgin Media cuts digital TV prices

by David Allen
The cable broadband, phone and TV provider, Virgin Media, will be cutting the cost of the content provided by the satellite broadcaster BSkyB. As from the 1st July all subscribers, both new and existing, who use the Virgin Media M+, L or XL TV packages, will be able to add or keep a single Sky Sports Channel, which means ...

June 10, 2010

Virgin Media complains about Ofcom Sky Sports ruling

by David Allen
Just when things appeared to be going fine between Virgin Media and BSkyB, it looks as if the cable TV provider is not too pleased with the deal struck by the media regulator Ofcom over the wholesale price of the satellite TV provider’s premium sports content. In fact Virgin Media is appealing against the regulator's ruling, because Ofcom has ...

June 9, 2010

Virgin Media seeking film critics

by David Allen
The cable broadband, phone and TV provider, Virgin Media, is searching for a young critic to join a panel of judges for a short film competition. The broadcaster has teamed up with James King to begin looking for a critic, aged between 13 and 19, who will work with an expert panel to find the winner of the 3rd ...

June 2, 2010

Virgin Media offering World Cup alternative

by David Allen
Not everyone is looking forward to two weeks of solid football coverage and it lucky for some that digital television exists otherwise the evenings viewing would be very limited, especially when the BBC and ITV has the TV rights for the FIFA World Cup. Virgin Media are coming to rescue with the “Abbey Clancy’s Girls Night In” series on ...

May 31, 2010

Virgin Media goes Karaoke

by David Allen
Once again, subscribers of Virgin Media TV will be able to sing along to some favourite songs when the cable broadcaster re-launches the new and improved Karaoke Channel in the on demand platform. Stingray Digital has designed the new and updated channel. It will be offering around a hundred videos every month from some of the most popular artists ...

May 27, 2010

Jail for Blackburn cable programmers

by David Allen
Three men from the Blackburn area have been jailed for a total of fourteen years for their part in a digital TV fraud. Dilawer Dudhwala, Imran Khansia, and Rafiq Dudhwala were all sentenced at Preston Crown Court. The gang were responsible for reprogramming set top boxes that allowed consumers to access the full Virgin Media pay TV service for nothing. When ...

Virgin Media looking forward to new STB’s

by David Allen
Virgin Media are hoping that its new set top boxes that offer the TiVo service will be launched by the end of the year. According to a Virgin Media spokesperson, these new set top boxes are set to change the way that UK viewer watches TV by being able to access a wider range of entertainment from different sources. TiVo ...

May 25, 2010

TiVo gets Technicolor

by David Allen
An agreement between TiVo and Technicolor to develop a new and advanced high definition set top box that will be licensed to customers using the TiVo software has been announced. The deal means that Technicolor will use the TiVo software in the new DSI803 PVR set top box. This will be used to support another agreement between TiVo and Conax. In ...

May 20, 2010

Virgin Media scores with World Cup fans

by David Allen
The FIFA World Cup is big business on a global scale and even in the UK the sporting event is a money making opportunity, especially for the providers of television services. The BBC and ITV jointly hold the TV rights but for some fans that is not enough. Forget 3D too, as no England matches will be broadcast in ...

May 17, 2010

Virgin Media to stop Scottish pirates

by David Allen
The cable TV and broadband provider, Virgin Media, is planning an assault on the pirates north of the border in Scotland. New encryption technology is being deployed in Edinburgh in an attempt by the cable TV company to stop the unauthorised use of its set top boxes. Recently it has been noted that premium content is being viewed without ...

Virgin Media accused of blocking sites

by David Allen
Subscribers to Virgin Media have been unable to access online file storage facilities such as Rapidshare and MegaUpload. This is believed to be because of a fault on the Virgin Media network, although there are some people who think this could be a result of speed throttling. According to a tweet on the Virgin Media Twitter site, the company states ...

May 12, 2010

More films for Virgin Media

by David Allen
Subscribers to the digital TV service provided by cable service provider Virgin Media, will be able to access a wider range of film content through the PictureBox on-demand film subscription service. This deal will now mean that over thirty films from the studio Icon Films will be made available. These will include Apocalypto, Bridge to Terabitha and What Women ...

May 10, 2010

3 Mobile to use Rocky IV

by David Allen
The mobile phone service provider 3, will be enlisting the help of “Rocky” in its latest advertising campaign. The campaign, developed by the Glue London agency, is said to be worth around £7 million and will run in cinemas as well as on the TV. The adverts will be based on the Rocky IV film, the one where the all ...

May 7, 2010

Virgin Media deletes customer details

by David Allen
It appears that hundreds of broadband users with Virgin Media have been disconnected from the network, but this is not some wide sweeping change targeting certain groups, these customers have lost their internet connection by complete accident. It seems that something went wrong following a database clean up, when the system decided that data about hundreds of modems was ...

May 5, 2010

Virgin Media VoD tops 200m

by David Allen
On demand video is quietly growing, and according to the results released by cable TV, broadband and phone service provider Virgin Media, the first quarter of the year was a record breaking year for VoD. The first three months of 2010 saw the number of homes regularly accessing video on demand services grow to 2.1 million, which is sixty ...

Virgin Media brings in new advertising talent

by David Allen
Virgin Media has been reorganising its marketing arm, which is a serious account with an estimated annual budget of around £75 million. The current marketing contract holders, adverting agencies Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe Y&R, Rapier and Spike are on their last legs as Virgin Media reorganises things. The new agency given the chance of handling the multi million pound account ...

May 3, 2010

Virgin Media offers cut price satellite TV

by David Allen
In line with some other broadcasters, it seems that cable TV provider Virgin Media could soon be offering its subscribers a better deal on the pay TV premium sports channels from BSkyB. This news follows the rule change by regulator Ofcom, which made BSkyB cut the wholesale cost of Sky Sports 1 and 2. Even though BSkyB has started the ...

Virgin Media customers vote Gene Hunt for PM

by David Allen
At last, there is a clear favourite emerging in the race to become the next Prime Minister. According to customers of Virgin Media, with a massive forty three per cent of the vote, the favourite is Gene Hunt! Yes, this is the same Gene Hunt who is not particularly political correct, but he does have a knack of getting ...

Canvas submission from Virgin Media

by David Allen
It looks as if cable broadband, phone, and TV provider, Virgin Media, finally submitted its views to the Office of Fair Trading (OfT) on the proposed multi-channel backed on-line TV service, Project Canvas. There are no medals for guessing that the review is not in support of the project. It is quite the contrary, as the company has been ...

HD push from Virgin Media

by David Allen
Cable TV provider Virgin Media will be launching its first high definition television marketing campaign to highlight the benefits of digital cable TV in glorious HD. The campaign started during the hit ITV reality TV show “Britain’s Got Talent” on ITV1 and ITV1 HD. The adverts will be highlighting the difference between standard definition television and high definition version. The advantage ...

April 30, 2010

Virgin Media increases broadband customer base

by David Allen
The cable based broadband, phone and TV supplier, Virgin Media, has released figures showing that the number of broadband customers has increased by 72,300, taking its total customer user base to 4.2 million. But that is not the complete story, for the number of customers signing up for the higher value, superfast, up-to-50 Mbps broadband service has increased by ...

April 28, 2010

Triple play boosts Virgin Media

by Rapid TV News
UK cableco Virgin Media has surprised analysts with the largest net growth in subscribers in the four years since it merged with NTL and Telewest. Virgin has added a net 38,300 new subs in the three months to the end of March. Virgin Media, which competes with pay-TV company BSkyB and broadband providers such as ...

Virgin Media bundle offer finishing

by David Allen
Consumers hunting around for a new provider of TV, broadband and phone services have until the 4th May to have a look at the latest offer from Virgin Media. A bundled deal is no doubt the best way to get broadband and phone services, and those consumers looking for a digital television have less than a week to check ...

April 27, 2010

AETN UK’s History Channel Goes To Romania

by Rapid TV News
Website: Rapid TV News AETN says Romanian cable operators Telemach and DCS are now carrying its History factual channel. History is fully localised for Romanian viewers. The channel offers programmes that cover a diverse variety of historical genres ranging from ancient to contemporary history, technology to natural history, as well as military history, science, archaeology and pop culture. Christina Foley, Commercial Director, ...

i-Cable strikes free-to-air World Cup deal

by Rapid TV News
Website: Rapid TV News Hong Kong cable operator i-Cable has agreed to let free-to-air networks ATV and TVB broadcast a selection of matches from the forthcoming soccer World Cup – but only if they broadcast the entire coverage, adverts and all. ATV and TVB’s digital-terrestrial channels will screen the opening match, both semi-finals and the final, as well as highlights and ...

Film service launched by Virgin Media

by David Allen
The cable broadband and phone service provider, Virgin Media, has launched its online film service, offering on demand movies. Film fans do not have to be Virgin Media subscribers as this service is open to all. The service is expected to directly compete with other film services such as Blinkbox and LoveFilm. In order to attract new customers, Virgin Media ...

April 22, 2010

Free HD from Virgin Media

by David Allen
As more broadcasters offer a high definition version of their channels, the race is on to carry them and when it comes to the terrestrial TV channels, it seems that consumers are reluctant to pay for this content. It seems that Virgin Media is interested in pushing the HD boundaries further by offering the VM HD V Box with ...

April 21, 2010

Virgin Media urges firms to use VoIP instead of flying

by David Allen
As the chaos at UK and European airports continues, one thing should be learnt by the disruption, that, as far as business goes, the internet could be used more for meetings and conferences. This would save travel, time and the cost of visiting events such as the recent MIPTV event in Cannes. According to Alistair McKinnon of the IP ...

April 15, 2010

VM cuts contractors pay

by David Allen
It seems that there is a case of déjà vu over at Virgin Media when it comes to the four hundred IT contractors working with the company. Last year Virgin Media issued the independent contractors with a pay warning. For one reason or another, this issue seemed to simply fade away, but now it is seems that the problem ...

Best Buy has deal with Virgin Media

by David Allen
As Best Buy finally begins its planned launch in the UK, details are being released of what the UK consumer can expect to find on the shelves of the Best Buy stores. The first stores will be opening in Thurrock in Essex, Hedge End in Southampton and Merry Hill in the West Midlands. Apart from having a connection to The ...

April 14, 2010

Virgin Media launches short film competition

by David Allen
The cable TV provider Virgin Media has launched a competition to help find some of the best British filmmakers. Once again, the Virgin Media Shorts contest will allow new talent, regardless of age, background and experience, to upload their work to the special Virgin Media website. It is a great way of being discovered and of course there is ...

April 13, 2010

Switzerland’s Cablecom shows US Masters in 3D

by Rapid TV News
Website: Rapid TV News Cablecom has become the first cable company in Switzerland to transmit a 3D TV broadcast as part of a test run. The final of the US Masters golf tournament was transmitted live in 3D from Augusta on April 11 for a small, hand-picked audience at its headquarters in Zurich equipped with 3D TV sets and glasses. For ...

Cable operator Ono secures deal with banks

by Rapid TV News
Website: Rapid TV News Spain's main cable operator Ono, which earlier in the week sold its thematic channels division Teuve to Chello Multicanal, has reached an agreement with a group of banks to refinance a €3,500 million loan. The agreement means repayment of a large part of the debt is put off until to 2013, although new conditions include an increase ...

Energy saving light bulbs interfere with cable TV

by David Allen
For many people, sitting watching the TV is a relaxing end to the day, but for some people it is the start of a stressful time with the TV flickering and even switching channels, and this is not due to a horror movie or a house that needs to be exorcised. The culprit for these ghostly goings on appears ...