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Computer News

January 20, 2011

LG G-Slate bound for the UK?

by Darren Allan
It seems that the LG G-Slate, which has been announced for the American market, might be coming to the UK as well. Pocket Lint has been chatting to LG marketing man James Choi about whether the tablet is due in the UK. Choi told them: “That information isn’t available yet. The first announcement was for the Americas. We are ...

January 17, 2011

iPad 2 and iPhone 5 to get new dual-core processor?

by Darren Allan
It's been quite a day for Apple rumours, and here's another following hot on the heels of the talk about the iPad sequel's display this morning. If you missed that story, it revolved around speculation that the iPad 2 will double up its ...

Martha Lane Fox plans £98 PCs

by Darren Allan
The latest plan to help get the entire population of the UK online is to push out some cheap PCs for the masses. Digital champion Martha Lane Fox reckons cost is one of the barriers preventing some nine million poorer families in the country from getting online. Hence the deployment of cheap refurbished PCs by a company called Remploy. The ...

Asus may implement own Android App Store

by Darren Allan
Asus might have its own Android App Store in the pipeline. The news comes after the company unveiled a triplet of Android tablets at CES (two 10 inch slates, and a 7 inch one just to keep Steve Jobs happy). Initially, it was thought these tablets would run Honeycomb, but now it's unclear whether that's the case, and they may ...

January 16, 2011

Rim set to ship 1m BlackBerry PlayBooks in Q1

by Darren Allan
Figures have emerged for the amount of BlackBerry PlayBook tablets which Rim is planning to ship when the tablet launches in March (although it won't be out until Q2 over here). According to the ever-present DigiTimes sources, that number will be a nice round million units. It shows Rim is expecting their device to do well. And why shouldn't it? ...

January 14, 2011

EDSAC computer to be rebuilt at Bletchley Park

by Darren Allan
The computer boffins at Bletchley Park are all set to rebuild the EDSAC computer. EDSAC stood for Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator, and when it was built in 1949, it was was one of the first commercial stored-program computers ever constructed. Sir Maurice Wilkes was the architect of the room-sized machine, which used mercury delay lines for memory, and vacuum ...

January 13, 2011

Wok releases the FlexFilterBank2

by Tom Coyne
Wok have now released the new FlexFilterBank2, a VST plug-in designed for Windows. The FlexFilterBank2 features up to eight adjustable bandpass filters, each with a volume frequency knob. The over al bandwidth of the filters can also be adjusted at will. Wok claims that the FlexFilterBank2 can be used in any style of music, providing ...

Notion Ink Adam tablet due in UK soon

by Darren Allan
The Notion Ink Adam tablet should be ready to head to the UK and US soon, and is already shipping in other parts of the world. The delay in coming to European and American shores is due to the company waiting for CE and FCC approvals, CEO Rohan Shravan posted on the Notion Ink blog. The tablet was supposed to ...

Asus Android tablets delayed to Q3, no Honeycomb

by Darren Allan
Asus has delivered a couple of bits of bad news about its upcoming range of tablets. Asus announced three Android Tablets at CES, the Transformer and Slider (10 inch models) along with the Memo (a 7 inch display). Both the 10 inch variants will come with a keyboard, with the Transformer featuring a removable one, and the Slider, unsurprisingly, ...

Dell Vostro 460 launched, Sandy Bridge SMB desktop

by Darren Allan
Dell has launched its first desktop targeted at the small business user which employs Intel's new second-generation Core processors, also known as Sandy Bridge. Sandy Bridge offers integrated graphics with some “oomph” built into the processor, along with technology for faster video conversion and other goodies. However, Vostro 460 buyers get a discrete graphics card with their system anyway, ...

January 12, 2011

Sapphire to produce new Motherboards

by Tom Coyne
Sapphire have recently announced the up coming production of Intel-based motherboards designed for the high end sector. The first examples given for the motherboards were the Sapphire pure black P67 Hydra, and the Sapphire pure black X58. Sapphire has stated “Designed to appeal to the enthusiast, the first product will be a fully features X58 board to be known as the ...

Primesense bring the Kinect to your PC

by Tom Coyne
Prime sense, the creators of the motion spotting chip in the xbox360 Kinect is now releasing the code to control the device under an open licence so it may be used by anyone. The sensor chip is being placed in gadgets that work for Personal computers, meaning simply that anyone who owns one of these gadgets can tap into the Kinects ...

ARM takes on Intel in the latest processor war

by Tom Coyne
It was a great CES this year for both Intel and ARM. With Intel's Sandy Bridge out with remarkable performance it has received praises such as “a huge leap forwards” and “the best ever integration between Microsoft and Intel”. However with Cambridge based company ARM now running Microsoft software, they are now a strong contender. Microsoft announced during CES 2011 that ...

January 11, 2011

Bob Muglia to leave Microsoft

by Darren Allan
Bob Muglia, the President of Microsoft's Server & Tools Business (STB) department is to leave the company this year. This fact emerged in an email from CEO Steve Ballmer, who had apparently decided that the time was right for change in the STB division. Microsoft published Ballmer's email on its News Centre site, and in it the CEO wrote: “The ...

Intel agrees to pay $1.5 billion for Nvidia license

by Darren Allan
Intel has agreed to pay $1.5 billion to license Nvidia graphics technology. The agreement draws a line under a long running legal dispute where the companies threw suits at each other (lawsuits, not menswear). According to a BBC report, Doug Melamed, Intel Senior VP and Counsel, said: “This agreement ends the legal dispute between the companies. It also enables the ...

KDJ-ONE handheld DAW released by Cyberstep

by Tom Coyne
Cyberstep have just unleashed the new KDJ-ONE touch screen digital audio workstation. The KDJ-ONE is a portable, hand held and wireless production system with a virtual analog synthesiser, sequencer, and a multi track audio environment. The KJD-ONE has built in speakers, a built in mic and built in WLAN and is powered by a lithium battery. Along with these features it ...

January 10, 2011

Kinect likely to come to the PC, says Ballmer

by Darren Allan
At CES, BBC News interviewed Microsoft's Steve Ballmer, and quizzed him on the Kinect in general. Ballmer said that one of the primary goals with Kinect was to move beyond gaming to “include the world of socialization, movies, TV, music.” When asked whether the Kinect system would end up being plugged into a PC, Ballmer said that Microsoft would “support ...

140,000 visitors at CES 2011

by Darren Allan
CES 2011 was a major hit, according to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) which organised the big electronics show. Preliminary figures estimate that 2,7000 technology companies showed off their funky gadgets to over 140,000 attendees, with 30,000 of those coming from abroad to Las Vegas. 22 leading CEOs delivered keynote speeches, and CES 2011 had a conference program of some ...

January 9, 2011

Microsoft Touch Mouse debuted at CES

by Darren Allan
One of the products Microsoft introduced at CES was its Touch Mouse, designed to optimise the Windows 7 experience. The mouse works just as a normal point and clicking rodent, but also adds multi-touch functionality. Hrvoje Benko, a Researcher who helped develop the device, explains: “The tasks you do every day – minimizing and maximizing ...

January 8, 2011

Google previews Honeycomb OS at CES

by Darren Allan
Google has previewed its next version of Android, Honeycomb or Android 3.0, at CES. Calling it the operating system “built entirely for tablet” – current versions of Android are designed with smartphones in mind – the company has released a taster video which you can see here. The video shows off the new “virtual holographic interface”, Google eBooks and ...

January 6, 2011

Samsung ZX310 laptop unveiled

by Darren Allan
Samsung has taken the wraps off a new and very slick looking laptop which is pitched to go up against the trendy likes of the MacBook Air. The slimline brushed metal notebook certainly looks the business, and more to the point, should perform impressively too, with second-gen Intel Sandy Bridge Core i5 and i7 processors running the show (the ...

Amazon prepares Kindle app for Android and Windows tablets

by Darren Allan
Amazon has said that it intends to release a Kindle app for both Android and Windows tablets later in 2011. Like existing Kindle software, these will be free downloads, and will give tablet owners access to the online ...

Motorola Xoom Android 3.0 tablet announced

by Darren Allan
Motorola has announced a new tablet at CES, the Xoom, which the company is planning to push out with Android 3.0 (Honeycomb). It's a full-sized 10 inch tablet, powered by a dual core Nvidia Tegra 2 chip. The slate also comes with twin cameras, a 5 megapixel affair on the back, and a 2 megapixel front-facer for video chatting. The ...

Intel introduces Sandy Bridge second-gen Core processors

by Darren Allan
Intel has officially introduced its second generation Core processors, known as Sandy Bridge, at CES. The processors represent a big step forward on a number of fronts, not the least of which is the fact that they come with a built-in graphics solution. The big difference from today's integrated graphics being that this is actually a viable solution for mainstream ...

Ballmer CES keynote: Windows 8 on ARM, 8m Kinect sold

by Darren Allan
Steve Ballmer has made his keynote speech at CES, although there wasn't a massive amount for Microsoft to reveal. The big juicy revelation was that Windows 8 will be compatible with ARM processors, allowing Microsoft's full operating system to be adopted by tablets in the future. Ballmer also announced impressive initial sales figures ...

January 5, 2011

CES: Keep taking the Tablets

by Darren Allan
The Consumer Electronics Show, CES, kicks off tomorrow in Las Vegas, and looks set to be dominated by the tablet on the computer front. Thanks to the success of the iPad, there are a huge amount of potential rivals queueing up to take a slice of the tablet pie in 2011. Analysts are predicting a big upsurge in slate sales ...

Micron RealSSD C400 range unveiled

by Darren Allan
Micron has announced a new range of four Solid State Drives for notebooks. The RealSSD C400 drives come in 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB capacities, in both 1.8 inch and 2.5 inch form factors designed for ultraportables and standard laptops. According to a report on Computer World, the drives are rated with read speeds of up to 415MB/s, almost 20% ...

AMD unveils Fusion APUs at CES

by Darren Allan
Over at CES, AMD has taken the wraps off a new class of APU or Accelerated Processing Unit. The Fusion family of APUs incorporate both a multi-core processor and discrete DX11 graphics solution in a single unit, and a parallel processing engine, plus HD video acceleration block, running on a high-speed bus. Tablets and laptops are expected to arrive this ...

January 4, 2011

Kindle is Amazon’s best selling item

by Darren Allan
While the rise of the iPad appeared to have Amazon worried last year – spurring major price cuts to the Kindle, and measures such as the recent introduction of book loaning – it seems that the e-reader is doing pretty well for itself. In fact, the Kindle is Amazon UK's top selling ...

January 3, 2011

Toshiba Tablet will come with Honeycomb OS

by Darren Allan
Toshiba is about to announce a tablet over in the US at the CES show which will boast a 10.1 inch display and will run Honeycomb, the forthcoming version of Android designed with tablets more in mind (than current builds of the OS which should really only be running on smartphones). PCMag.com turned up with the skinny on the ...

Scientists claim modern media is physically addictive

by Darren Allan
There's one born every minute. Not a sucker, but a study, and the latest one which has been brought to our attention is a report on living without contemporary media such as computers, mobiles and TVs. Unplugged, as it's called, was organised by the University of Maryland's International Centre for Media and the Public Agenda, and Salzburg Academy. It ...

January 2, 2011

Amazon brings book lending to Kindle

by Darren Allan
Amazon is attempting to make the world of Kindle e-reading a more tempting proposition by introducing a book lending scheme. Kindle users will be able to loan an e-book they've purchased to a friend for two weeks, and they won't need to own a Kindle to read it, either. The book can ...

December 31, 2010

Intel releases SSD 310 drives

by Brian Turner
Intel has announced the release of it's new range of Solid State Drives, the SSD 310 Series. Coming in at a tiny 3cm x 5cm, the 310's are around a quarter of the size (by area) of normal 2.5 inch Hard Disk Drives. The SSD 310 Series is already being flagged for use in notebooks and laptops for dual drive use, as ...

December 30, 2010

Mood sensitive Satnav coming?

by Brian Turner
Cambridge University is reportedly working on a satnav system that will be more sensitive to drivers moods. It comes in response to general frustrations with satnav systems that lead users into traffic jams, or dead ends due to the mapping software not being properly up to date. According to Professor Peter Robinson, head of emotional robotics at Cambridge University, the aim of ...

December 20, 2010

iPad 3G outsells wi-fi version considerably in the UK

by Darren Allan
Apparently the iPad 3G is more favoured than the wi-fi model as we approach Christmas, and what's more, buyers in the UK aren't afraid to stump up for the top-of-the-line 64GB slate. This is according to a study from research outfit Context, as reported by V3.co.uk. Context reckons that 3G iPads outsold wi-fi variants four to one in ...

Angry Birds v1.5 out on the iPad

by Darren Allan
Rovio has released an update for Angry Birds HD on the iPad. Version 1.5 adds 15 new levels with a wild west theme, a new golden egg, and the mighty eagle. The latter has the power to automatically clear a level for you, but that comes with a couple of caveats – ...

EU appears to have doubts over Intel and McAfee

by Darren Allan
Back in August, Intel made a move to bolster its security expertise by purchasing McAfee. The idea is McAfee will boost Intel's security efforts on both mobile and desktop fronts, but it seems that EU watchdogs are concerned regarding the near $8 billion buyout. The Wall Street Journal reckons that the purchase will at least be delayed, as the EU ...

December 16, 2010

Apple Mac App Store will open January 6th

by Darren Allan
Apple has announced that its Mac App Store will go live at the end of the first week of January. Catering for everything Mac OS X, the App Store will serve 90 countries upon its launch, with free and paid-for apps in a number of different categories, including education, games, lifestyle, ...

Imagination Technologies buys up Caustic Graphics

by Darren Allan
Imagination Technologies has announced that it has acquired Caustic Graphics for just over £17 million. You might remember Imagination better as VideoLogic, which is what the company used to be known as. Imagination specialises in mobile graphics tech, and has bought up Caustic because of its expertise in ray tracing graphics. While ray tracing is very much the domain of ...

December 15, 2010

Everything Everything to stream live gig on iPad

by Darren Allan
Everything Everything is a Manchester indie “art rock” band – not to be confused with Everything Everywhere, the mobile network partnership between Orange and T-Mobile. And NME reports that the band is making history by streaming a London gig live to a specially produced ...

Stallman has a pop at Google’s Chrome OS

by Darren Allan
Dear oh dear. It seems like there's no shortage of folks who are willing to step up and try to take some of the shine off Google's freshly unveiled Chrome operating system. Yesterday, we had ex-Google employee and creator of Gmail, Paul Buchheit, slam Google's OS as having no purpose that isn't better served by Android. He predicted Chrome ...

December 14, 2010

Former Gmail man labels Chrome OS a fail

by Darren Allan
Paul Buchheit, the ex-Google employee who was the architect of Gmail, doesn't have much faith in the Chrome operating system to say the least. It was only last week that Google was talking up its plans for the cloud-based OS, which is designed for netbooks with a keyboard rather than tablets. Beta test notebooks are about to be sent ...

Microsoft’s CES plans, Windows 8 and slates

by Darren Allan
Rumours are currently swirling around like winter snow flurries concerning Microsoft and its plans for the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in three weeks time. The grapevine has it that some early form of Windows 8 may be shown, along with a range of tablet devices. Certainly it seems likely that Microsoft will be showing off tablets running Windows, ...

Samsung Galaxy Tab now at HMV for £420

by Darren Allan
The price cutting on Samsung's Galaxy Tab seems to know no end, with retailers under-cutting each other's prices on what seems like an almost weekly basis. There have certainly been some striking reductions on the twin camera bearing tablet, which was originally anticipated to weigh in at between the £600 and £700 mark. At first it was slashed to match ...

December 13, 2010

Paul Allen’s lawsuit dismissed for now

by Darren Allan
The Co-Founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen, has seen his lawsuit dismissed by a federal judge. He had filed the suit against a number of technology companies, including Google, Apple, Facebook, eBay, Yahoo, AOL and others (Microsoft not being one of them, strangely enough). It accused them of infringing patents relating to web ...

Samsung Galaxy Tab Luxury Edition revealed

by Darren Allan
Samsung has unveiled a new version of its Galaxy Tab slate over at the Millionaire Fair trade show in Amsterdam. The Millionaire Fair is the place where the “international luxury industry” meets to present its most exclusive products and services. Liz Hurley reportedly once called the fair “the sexiest event I've ever ...

December 12, 2010

Kobo Reading Life brings social aspects to e-books

by Darren Allan
Kobo has launched Reading Life on the iPad, a new app which the company has labelled the “first social e-reading experience.” The idea is users will be able to share books or highlighted passages they like, and they can also “check-in” with characters or locations. So for example, when reading Alice ...

December 10, 2010

Two cameras looking likely for iPad 2

by Darren Allan
So, the iPad 2 speculation continues, and according to one source Reuters cites, the iPad 2 is going to be sporting two cameras when it arrives. The lack of a camera on the iPad has been one of the bigger sticking points for some consumers who aren't tempted by Apple's tablet, ...

December 8, 2010

Google announces Chrome operating system plans

by Darren Allan
Google has announced its plans for the Chrome operating system, designed for netbooks with a keyboard (as opposed to the Android OS, which is focused on touch devices, namely tablets and smartphones). On the official Google blog, Linus Upson, VP Engineering, and Sundar Pichai, VP Product Management, made a joint post discussing Google's plans for the Chrome OS. The company ...

December 7, 2010

iPad 2 will ship from Foxconn in February

by Darren Allan
The latest buzz on the iPad sequel is that units are expected to start shipping from manufacturer Foxconn next February. In fact, according to DigiTimes, Foxconn has been given an order to the tune of 500,000 iPad 2s to be readied for shipping before the end of February 2011. This makes the April 2011 launch date more of a ...