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January 25, 2010

Sky expected to report strong HDTV viewing

by Rapid TV News
Website: Rapid TV News
BSkyB may have to sell off its stake in ITV, but it will this week report strong pre-Christmas sales numbers, and strong HDTV subscriber numbers. BSkyB’s numbers will be officially released on Thursday morning (London time), Jan 28. Sky-watchers are also expecting Sky to reveal further plans for its 3D launch later this year. City analysts ...

January 11, 2010

Yahoo Connected TV Widgets Not Just For TVs

by Franz Bicar
Yahoo's connected TV widgets were intended for high-definition televisions. Last year, it came built-in on sets from Sony, Vizio, Samsung, and LG. Now, it's not on TVs but on other media hardware as well. The first non-TV device to carry Yahoo Widgets was announced at CES. The new ViewSonic media server, called ...

January 8, 2010

Sigma Showcases NeoVue at CES

by Janet Harris
ProVision demonstrates multi-room wireless HDTV at CES Sigma Designs (Nasdaq:SIGM), a leading provider of system-on-chip (SoC) solutions used to deliver entertainment and control throughout the home, today announced the availability of the NeoVue™ transmitter/receiver platform designed to wirelessly transport audio/video (AV) and texts from notebooks or netbooks and display them in rich 1080p on a HDTV. In addition, ...

January 6, 2010

ProVision demonstrates multi-room wireless HDTV at CES

by Janet Harris
ProVision demonstrates multi-room wireless HDTV at CES ProVision Communications has created the world's first consumer electronics technology capable of securely streaming live HD video content across all the rooms of a home. The system, called AXAR1500, streams HD video content from a Blu-ray player, PVR or HD set top box to AXAR enabled TVs or Wi-Fi connected PCs ...

Sigma Showcases 3D Technologies at CES 2010

by Janet Harris
Sigma Showcases 3D Technologies at CES 2010 Sigma Designs today announced that they will be showcasing a new range of 3D video and 3D graphics technologies - highlighting the emergence of next generation consumer products. Product demonstrations are available at this week’s CES 2010 Show, Thursday, January 7 through Saturday, January 9 at Sigma’s hospitality suite located ...

3D Broadcasts Will Soon Hit the Airwaves - 3D Channels Announced at CES

by Franz Bicar
If you're holding out on getting a 3D TV cause you thought they don't really exist, then you better scramble and get one now. Some of the biggest names in television are announcing plans to begin broadcasting in 3D later this year. Companies such as DirectTV and Sony are unveiling their 3D channels this week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) ...

December 31, 2009

Full HD Stereoscopic Video Decoding Solution Announced

by Janet Harris
Full HD Stereoscopic Video Decoding Solution Announced TDVision Systems Inc. and CyberLink will showcase their full HD 3D solutions at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. CyberLink’s PowerDVD video player software, integrated with TDVision’s 2D+Delta decoding technology, delivers full HD 3D video decoding capabilities. TDVision is the world’s leading innovator in Full HD 3D (1920x1080 per-view) video ...

December 18, 2009

AOC presents two new multifunctional displays

by Janet Harris
AOC has joined two worlds in one new type of display. With the elegant 2290Fwt and 2490Fwt the global brand display specialist AOC presents two PC display and TV combos in a classic and timeless design. These all-rounders with a screen size of 54.7cm (21.5”) and 59,8cm (23.6”) respectively are ideal for all users who like to quickly switch between computer work ...

Sony Partners with RealD to produce 3D-capable Consumer Electronic Devices

by Franz Bicar
Want to watch 3D movies, watch 3D TV, and play 3D games? Sony just might have the right package for you. In the mad rush towards 3D content, Sony is leading the way. First, it announced its partnership with RealD, a leading 3D technology firm and Sony’s collaborator on 3D movie tech, to place RealD’s 3D format into its Bravia ...

December 14, 2009

AMD to Demo Blu-ray 3D Format at CES

by Franz Bicar
One of the reasons Blu-ray won during the HD DVD vs. BD format wars was its potential. Now, it is finally being realized. Blu-ray Discs are going to be the be the preferred media on a new format for 3D video. This is what Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) said as it plans to demonstrate this new format on January at ...

December 10, 2009

China’s First HD DVR and Push VoD Service

by Janet Harris
China’s First HD DVR and Push VoD Service NDS, the leading provider of technology solutions for digital pay-TV, and DOXTV, a leading value-added TV service provider in China, today announced the launch of China’s first HD digital video recorder (DVR) and push video on demand (VOD) service for Chongqing Cable subscribers, Chongqing Cable TV+™. In the first deployment ...

December 8, 2009

NEC deploys DVB-T2 transmitters for Arqiva

by Janet Harris
NEC deploys DVB-T2 transmitters for ArqivaNEC Corporation has deployed its first DVB-T2 digital terrestrial TV broadcast transmitters. The transmitters will allow Arqiva and the BBC to launch the world’s first DVB-T2 digital terrestrial broadcast service from December 2, 2009. They are part of the planned upgrade of an existing BBC multiplex to the new DVT-T2 standard, which will ...

December 4, 2009

Freeview HD tests begin

by Janet Harris
Freeview HD tests begin Freeview has started sending high-definition television signals in the DVB-T2 format, from the Winter Hill transmitter which covers Manchester and parts of the north-west and one at Crystal Palace which covers London and some of the south-east. Unfortunately this is just for testing purposes, and Freeview HD receivers aren’t available just yet. The tests make ...

November 27, 2009

Sky Deutschland focuses on HD

by Janet Harris
Sky Deutschland focuses on HD Sky Deutschland’s latest marketing campaign focuses on its HD services. The company is promoting a €199 package which includes an HD starter box, prepaid subscription to Sky Welt’s 21 channels and HD receiver. Two versions of the box are available, the Humax PR-HD 2000C for cable users, or the Sky HD1 from Pace ...

LG targets 7.5 million LED TV sales

by Janet Harris
LG targets 7.5 million LED TV sales next yearLG Electronics hopes to boost sales of LED TVs from 400,000 this year to 7.5 million in 2010. The technology, which is still relatively new in the UK, uses LED backlighting instead of the fluorescent lights used in traditional LCD televisions. Elsewhere in the world, LG’s LED sets have already ...

November 25, 2009

Pixel Qi develops solar powered HDTV

by Janet Harris
Pixel Qi develops solar powered HDTV The company behind the One Laptop per Child scheme is developing an HDTV that will run off a battery, solar panel or crank. The sub-10 watt HDTV is designed for use is areas where the electricity supply is erratic, such as part of the developing world. Pixel Qi expects to sell the ...

November 20, 2009

California introduces mandatory rules for HDTV energy usage

by Janet Harris
California introduces mandatory rules for HDTV energy usage The California Energy Commission has just announced the USA’s first state-mandated regulations for energy efficiency. The regulations will apply to HDTVs with screens up to 58 inches and will come into effect in January 2011. The guidelines already in place for HDTV energy consumption, from the Environmental Protection Agency and the ...

November 19, 2009

HD Freeview available across UK by 2012

by Janet Harris
HD Freeview available across UK by 2012’ campaign The BBC has released its timetable for rolling out Freeview HD. The good news is that it will be available to 50% of UK homes by the time of next year’s World Cup, and to 98.5% of the UK by the time the digital switchover is completed in 2012. Households will ...

November 16, 2009

Toshiba launches ‘Space Chair’ campaign

by Janet Harris
Toshiba launches ‘Space Chair’ campaign Toshiba UK has launched ‘Space Chair’ an advertising campaign that will take viewers to the edge of space in an effort to publicise its SV REGZA LCD TV and Satellite T series laptops. ‘Space Chair’, which follows last year’s record-breaking ‘Timesculpture’ ad campaign, is filmed in the Nevada Black Rock desert with Toshiba ...

LCD Manufacturers Combine; Serious Threat to Competitors

by Franz Bicar
Taiwan and South Korea are in a race – the race for LCD supremacy. So far, South Korea is winning with Samsung Electronics and LG Display leading the way. To combat this, Taiwan’s Innolux Display will buy Chi Mei Optoelectronics in order to compete globally. This deal will automatically make the combined company, Innolux-Chi Mei, the world’s fourth largest LCD ...

November 13, 2009

DisplaySearch predicts global shortage of LCD panels

by Janet Harris
DisplaySearch predicts global shortage of LCD panels  According to new research from DisplaySearch there will be a global shortage of LCD panels from the second quarter of next year. Although the current weak market for LCD panels is expected to continue to early 2010, demand will then pick up. The market has suffered in 2009 due to ...

November 10, 2009

AOC announces LCD TV quartet

by Janet Harris
AOC announces LCD TV quartet Berlin-based AOC has introduced four new LCD TVs, complete with a DVB-T tuner for instantaneous reception of digital terrestrial television. The new range comprises the L19WB81 model with a 47cm screen, the 54.8cm L22WB81 model, the 66cm L26WB81 and 80cm L32WB81. They all offer a black, piano gloss sheen, to fit the décor in ...

November 5, 2009

Acentic and Philips collaborate on hotel HD TV system

by Janet Harris
Acentic and Philips collaborate on hotel HD TV system Acentic Panorama and Philips have entered into a partnership to develop an HD TV system for hotels which doesn’t require an external set-top-box. Philips' Ultimate HD TV sets will be integrated with Acentic's Panorama In-room Hotel Entertainment Platform. The cost-effective system will offer the first integrated LCD TV for ...

November 2, 2009

Ultra HDTV could be here in 5 years

by Janet Harris
Ultra HDTV could be here in 5 years Market research firm In-Stat believes that Ultra-High Definition TV (UHDTV) could be in people’s living rooms in 5 to 10 years time, with 5% of European homes having the technology by 2021. In-Stat expects adoption of the technology to be pushed by high resolution digital cinema. With UHD formats providing between ...

October 30, 2009

Samsung reveals world’s thinnest LCD TV

by Janet Harris
Samsung reveals world’s thinnest LCD TV Samsung has reclaimed the thinnest LCD TV title with its ‘Needle Slim’ model which is based on LED technology and measures just 3.9mm thick, although it is still a prototype at the moment. The Full HD model is 2mm thinner than LG’s previous title holder, yet still offers a 5000:1 ...

October 29, 2009

Netflix Video Streaming will appear on the Nintendo Wii

by Franz Bicar
The net was abuzz with reports of Netflix coming to the PlayStation 3 via a Blu-ray Disc. But they're not the only ones who will get new Netflix streaming capabilities. Reports have circulated that the Nintendo Wii will get a similar feature real soon. Although no official word came out of Netflix CEO Reed Hastings' mouth, reports are saying that the ...

October 27, 2009

Roku Online Video Streaming Box - Small Yet Excellent Performance

by Franz Bicar
Video streaming is becoming popular largely due to services such as Hulu and Netflix. Roku's little video player is another device that let's users stream movies and TV shows off the Internet and onto a TV. Of course, one of its content providers is already mentioned above - Netflix. Then you also have ...

October 26, 2009

Pace first with multiroom DVR

by Janet Harris
Pace first with multiroom DVR Pace Plc has won the race to bring a multiroom DVR solution to market. Pace’s solutions, known Home Content Sharing (HCS) uses a Network Attached Storage device to connect multiple high definition (HD) set-top boxes within the home and allow them to share recorded content. The solution’s functionality is enhanced through the integration of ...

Netflix Coming to PlayStation 3

by Franz Bicar
Want to watch a movie after hours of playing on your PS3? No problem, just pop-in the official Blu-ray disc and your good to go. Yup, you read it right, an official Blu-ray disc provided by ...

October 23, 2009

Philips Wireless HDTV Link available in US

by Janet Harris
Samsung named LCD TV market leader HDTV owners in the US will be able to get rid of all their messy wires, now that Philips Electronics has released its Wireless HDTV Link in the country. The link wirelessly connects an HDTV to devices such as satellite receivers, Blu-ray players and games consoles, and has a range of up ...

October 21, 2009

Toshiba Unveils First Ever Cell-powered TV

by Franz Bicar
Taking things to the next level, HDTV manufacturer Toshiba introduces the first television to use a powerful cell multimedia processor. This cell processor is the same one used in the Playstation 3. After four years of research and development, Toshiba is finally ready to release the Cell Regza TV which ...

October 20, 2009

Samsung named LCD TV market leader

by Janet Harris
Samsung named LCD TV market leaderSamsung Electronics sold one million units of its first full line of advanced LED HDTVs over a six month period from their launch in March, making it leader of the global LED TV market. The company holds 90% of the global LED market, and hopes to sell 3.7 million units in 2009. The ...

October 19, 2009

BBC and Arqiva upgrade for HD

by Janet Harris
Amazon HD VOD comes to Samsung TVs The BBC and Arqiva have announced a partnership that will see the UK’s transmitter network upgraded to DVB-T2 (Digital Video Broadcasting – Second Generation Terrestrial), ready for the transmission of high-definition services. Capacity on the BBC’s multiplex B will be increased by 67% to create space for HD DTT transmissions. These ...

October 15, 2009

Amazon HD VOD comes to Samsung TVs

by Janet Harris
Amazon HD VOD comes to Samsung TVs Samsung has added Amazon.com's Video On Demand library to its Series 650 and Series 7000 HDTVs. Viewers with a broadband connection will be able download content from Amazon’s extensive library of 50,000 movies and TV shows onto their TV sets to view. 2,000 of ...

October 14, 2009

Western Digital Releases WD TV Live

by Franz Bicar
  Western Digital is popularly known as a manufacturer of computer hard disk drives, and has a long history in the electronics industry as an integrated circuit maker and a storage products. But the launch of its WD TV Live HD Media Player last Tuesday gives us a glimpse of where ...

October 12, 2009

Panasonic Unveils 3D Plasma HDTV Prototype

by Franz Bicar
Panasonic has been one of the leading manufacturers of high-definition television sets. This includes research and innovation towards the HDTV market. So it was no surprise when Panasonic unveiled a prototype to their 50-inch 3D Plasma TV. Of course, with 3D, you still need to use the accompanying 3D glasses ...

October 6, 2009

BBC Worldwide launches new HD services

by Janet Harris
BBC Worldwide launches new HD services Following the launch of BBC America HD earlier this year, BBC Worldwide is planning to launch a second HD channel for the Australian market. The company is also expanding in the Middle East and plans to launch an HD channel in the region when regional service providers have put the necessary ...

October 2, 2009

Akamai plans online HDTV

by Janet Harris
Akamai plans online HDTV Akamai Technologies has announced an HD video platform that will provide HDTV online. Akamai’s network will deliver HD content via Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight and Apple's iPhone. It will support live and on-demand HD streaming with uninterrupted playback, and viewers ...

September 28, 2009

Intel and TransGaming announce GameTree.tv

by Janet Harris
Virgin Media chooses Cisco to support HDTV growth Intel has entered into a partnership with TransGaming to launch GameTree.tv, which will bring on-demand gaming to HDTVs. The service, which will launch in sping 2010, will use Intel CE Media Processors to deliver on-demand games via internet-connected set top boxes and consumer electronic devices. Customers will have access to a ...

September 25, 2009

Virgin Media launches Living HD

by Janet Harris
Virgin Media launches Living HD Virgin Media is launching a high definition version of its popular Living channel from October 6. Viewers will be able to watch shows such as Ghost Whisperer, Private Practice and Boston Legal in HD. No worries if you can’t watch them at the scheduled time, as the HD shows will be available on the ...

September 22, 2009

Hulu and MySpace to Reshape Online Entertainment and Social Networking

by Franz Bicar
Hulu is trying to change social networking by incorporating a new video service to one of the most popular social networking website, MySpace. Rupert Murdoch, a global media mogul and News Corp. chairman, intends to give ...

September 17, 2009

Pace launches DBV-T2 set top box

by Alan Harten
Pace Plc is set to debut a new set top box at the upcoming IBC platform, which transmits signals using the DVB-T2 standard. The new box is expected by analysts to be the first set top box in the industry to hit the market for Freeview HD and will be available on the retail market. The DVB-T2 set top box optimises bandwidth ...

September 15, 2009

Virgin Media chooses Cisco to support HDTV growth

by Janet Harris
Virgin Media chooses Cisco to support HDTV growth London-based XConnect has raised $10 million in Series B funding to support the further expansion of its “Interconnect 2.0” portfolio, which includes Carrier ENUM-registry and multimedia interconnection hub services. A consortium of investors participated in the fundraising, including Venrock Associates of the USA, UK-based Accel Partners, Grazia Equity of Germany ...

September 14, 2009

Visaat goes with Pace set-top-boxes

by Alan Harten
Visaat goes with Pace set-top-boxes Visaat Broadcasting, a pay- and free-TV provider in the Baltic States and Scandinavia has decided to go with its current partner Pace to provide second generation set-top-boxes to its consumers. While the company is looking to boost its portfolio across its customer area, the new Pace TDS855NV hybrid HD PVR so will offer ...

September 8, 2009

Samsung Introduces Concept TV Remote

by Franz Bicar
You can't call yourself a TV addict if you don't have this cool new device from Samsung. I know that is taking things too far but this latest remote control from Samsung takes addiction to a whole new level (and that means good). The 7-inch portable touchscreen can not only control the TV in the living room but can also ...

September 7, 2009

Broadcom will work with Humax

by Alan Harten
Broadcom will work with Humax Broadcom Corp. announced on Thursday that Humax has decided to use the BCM3556 digital solution and CM35241 panel processor solution for the designs on new DVB digital video broadcast platforms for European customers. Humax supplies a plethora of digital TV products such as HD set-top boxes, DTVs with DRV like qualities, digital TV ...

Broadcom links up with LG

by Alan Harten
Broadcom links up with LG There is yet more news from Broadcom Corporation, as it announced on Friday that LG Electronics has decided to use its BCM3556 digital TV system on a chip solution for a new line of HDTVs. Broadcom Corporations is a leading company that provides semiconductors that can be used in both wireless and wired ...

Toshiba unveils new items at Berlin IFA

by Alan Harten
Toshiba unveils new items at Berlin IFA The Berlin IFA Consumer Electronics Trade Show brought a host of announcements from Toshiba, including new details of the company’s first stab at a standalone Blu-ray laptop and Blu-ray player. Toshiba announced a host of products, including the BDX2000 Blu-ray, a player which is able to not only standalone but also ...

September 4, 2009

Mitsubishi includes VUDU

by Alan Harten
Mitsubishi includes VUDU Mitsubishi announced on Thursday that its two newest television sets will come equipped with the VUDU service, which led to a jump in the amount of HDTV sets that now have internet movie services. The new Mitsubishi models that will have the VUDU service pre-installed are the LT-52249 and the Unisen Diamond LT-46249. Both of the ...

Wireless HDTV link

by Alan Harten
Wireless HDTV link Cables can be a pain if you are trying to clean up your office or just happen to be a tad bit clumsy and the type that trips over everything that is not solid flooring. However, there is a solution if your living room looks like an electrical hazard - the new Phillips Wireless HDTV ...