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Mobile Phone News

January 3, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S rings up 10 million sales

by Darren Allan
The popular Samsung Galaxy S smartphone has just reached another sales milestone, hitting 10 million units worldwide, according to the Independent. Samsung announced that the handset had sold 5 million at the start of October, after four months on the shelves, so the pace of sales has quickened, with the second 5 million notched up in less time, just three months. It ...

Security experts demonstrate mobile phone eavesdropping

by Darren Allan
A pair of security researchers, Karsten Nohl and Sylvain Munaut, have shown off a toolkit which can be used to eavesdrop on mobile voice calls at the Chaos Computer Club Congress over in Germany. The BBC reports that the toolkit took a year to put together, and showed that it allowed them to take a given telephone number and listen to ...

January 2, 2011

iPhone alarm bug strikes again

by Brian Turner
The Apple iPhone built-in alarm has come under scrutiny again, after apparently failing to work properly in the New Year. It comes after a similar bug stopped the alarm working after changes for Daylight Saving Time in November. The issue appears to have arisen in single alarm settings ...

December 30, 2010

Smart phones to get common charger

by Brian Turner
Recharging your smart phone should become simply and easier within a couple of months, after a common standard was agreed between Brussels and most manufacturers. It comes after discussions in 2009 looking to provide a common standard for smart phone chargers with most data-enabled mobile phone providers signing up to it. The intention is to prevent material wastage by having to throw ...

December 22, 2010

Mobile predictions for 2011

by Brian Turner
Ilja Laurs, founder of open apps store Getjar, has provided a set of interesting predictions for mobile computing for 2011. Like it or loathe it, there are certainly some very interesting suggestions - of course, we'll have to ride through next year to see how much of this become real or almost real. :) 1. Although app stores continue to grow in popularity ...

December 21, 2010

Nexus One prepares for Gingerbread man

by Darren Allan
As the Nexus S is unleashed, owners of the original Nexus One can comfort themselves with the knowledge that they too will taste Gingerbread soon enough. For the Android 2.3 operating system will be delivered to the Nexus One in a matter of weeks, according to the Google Nexus Twitter account. Yesterday, Google tweeted: “The Gingerbread OTA for Nexus One will happen ...

Microsoft reveals Windows Phone 7 figures: 1.5 million

by Darren Allan
At the close of last month, we noted that it was probably not a good sign that Microsoft hadn't revealed any initial sales estimates for Windows Phone 7 handsets. Well, the company has finally lets the Windows Phone 7 cat out of the bag, courtesy of a Q&A chaired by Achim Berg, Microsoft's VP of Business and Marketing for Windows Phones. When ...

December 20, 2010

HTC Wildfire Android 2.2 update blazes out on Vodafone

by Darren Allan
Froyo or Android 2.2 upgrades have been notoriously troublesome across many operators, Vodafone being one of them. The company took its time to push Froyo onto the HTC Desire, famously releasing a false update which many thought was Android 2.2, but just turned out to be a ...

Nokia looking to adopt Windows Phone 7?

by Darren Allan
The latest rumour regarding Nokia's attempt to rally its sliding mobile performance involves a potential helping hand from Microsoft. New boss Stephen Elop will obviously be examining different strategies and fresh angles to pep up sales, and given that he's an ex-Microsoft man himself, perhaps it isn't quite so surprising that he's potentially looking in the direction of Redmond. Respected Russian mobile ...

Smartphone apps spying and transmitting user details

by Darren Allan
Not only is big brother watching us, but little brother is also, in the form of the smartphones we carry around. Or more specifically, the popular apps which are loaded onto mobiles, and then spy on users relaying information which can be used to better target adverts. This particular story was run in the Wall Street Journal, which conducted a study of ...

Google Nexus S price dropped to £430

by Darren Allan
The successor to Google's Nexus One smartphone, the Nexus S, has seen its price dropped considerably by Carphone Warehouse. We (and everyone else) remarked that the initial sim-free tag of £550 seemed overly hefty, and Google has evidently been listening, chopping £120 off that asking price. The Nexus S will now cost £430, a much ...

December 19, 2010

Infinity Blade breaks App Store records

by Darren Allan
Epic, which has the likes of Unreal and Gears of War under its belt, has another massive hit in the making with the company's first mobile iOS gaming effort. Infinity Blade is a 3D action role-player where you fight against numerous monsters on your iPhone or ...

Word Lens translation app planned for Android and more

by Darren Allan
On Friday, there was a lot of buzz about a new instant translation app for the iPhone, called Word Lens. Word Lens takes text in a foreign language captured on the iPhone's camera, and translates it near enough instantly, pasting the translated text directly into the image. It's been described as ...

December 17, 2010

Word Lens instant translation app for iPhone

by Darren Allan
Word Lens is a new augmented reality app for the iPhone which has the potential to become the traveller's best friend. It's one slick looking app the makers describe as “like Google Goggles meets Google Translate... in Photoshop!” Basically, the user captures a sign in a foreign language on the iPhone's camera, ...

Nokia readies multiple Symbian updates for 2011

by Darren Allan
Nokia is set to give its ailing operating system Symbian some considerable attention next year. You might recall that at the beginning of last month, Nokia took back control over the development of Symbian from The Symbian Foundation (which has been relegated to the role of a licensing body). And now the Finnish company has let slip its plans for reviving the ...

Nokia makes another move in legal wrangle with Apple

by Darren Allan
Nokia has launched more legal action in a long running ding-dong lawsuit battle over the usual patent infringements with Apple. Previously, Nokia filed suits against Apple in October 2009, alleging ten patent violations by the iPhone, and then a broader suit in January at the start of this year, which alleged ...

December 16, 2010

O2 confirms Android 2.2 for Dell Streak

by Darren Allan
As O2 promised earlier this week, the Android 2.2 (or Froyo) update for the Dell Streak has now been pushed out. Against all expectations – well, our expectations anyway – although there is a caveat. Some Streak owners still appear unable to get the upgrade. Yesterday on Twitter, ...

LG Optimus 2X announced, dual-core Android phone

by Darren Allan
LG has taken the wraps off a new dual-core Android smartphone, the LG Optimus 2X. Nestling under the bonnet of this handset is an Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core 1GHz processor, which should mean this phone runs smoother than a twenty-year-old malt being poured down a ski slope. LG is promising smoother web browsing and application multi-tasking with “virtually no screen lag” (although ...

December 15, 2010

3 offers all-you-can-eat data plan

by Darren Allan
3 has made a bold move when it comes to mobile surfing, casting off the shackles of data limits on The One Plan. The One Plan, which 3 introduced in July of this year, gives users a simple set allowance per month in terms of minutes, texts and data. Initially, the plan provided a whopping 2000 minutes, 5000 3-to-3 minutes, 5000 texts ...

December 14, 2010

O2 planning Dell Streak Froyo upgrade this week

by Darren Allan
O2 will be pushing out an update to Android 2.2 (Froyo) later this week, the company has said. This information emerged on its Twitter feed, as spotted by T3. Yesterday afternoon, O2 tweeted: “Great news for our Dell Streak owners – the 2.2 Froyo update is coming ...

Vodafone rolls out Android 2.2 update for HTC Magic

by Darren Allan
The HTC Magic might not be a new phone – in fact it's a bit of a veteran, these days – but that hasn't stopped Vodafone bringing Froyo to the handset. Vodafone announced on its forum that Android 2.2 is now available as an upgrade for HTC Magic owners. The roll out has begun ...

Nokia E7 delay officially confirmed

by Darren Allan
Nokia has confirmed that it won't ship its new E7 smartphone until early next year. The Nokia E7 was first announced at Nokia World back in September, as a phone pitched at business users, with a 4 inch tilting AMOLED touchscreen display and full slide-out Qwerty keypad. Back then, Nokia told us that the handset was expected to be out before the ...

Google quietly snapped up Zetawire, NFC start-up

by Darren Allan
More has been discovered about Google's NFC ambitions, with the news that the company acquired NFC start-up outfit Zetawire back in the summer. NFC stands for Near Field Communication, the technology which Google's Nexus S smartphone (due out next week) employs. It allows the mobile to read information from everyday objects with embedded NFC chips, so when held close enough, the ...

EU warns over smartphone security

by Darren Allan
ENISA, the IT security agency for the EU, has issued a warning about the growing security risks which come hand in hand with the fast expansion the world of smartphones has seen over the last couple of years. The Information Security Risks report assesses the security and privacy risks associated with owning a smartphone, and makes recommendations on how best to ...

December 13, 2010

3 brings Opera Mini browser on board

by Darren Allan
3 has announced a deal with Opera Software, whereby the Opera Mini web browser will be available on the network's phones. The browser will be available on 3's portal, and it won't cost customers a penny to download and install it for a new way to surf the web. Opera Mini's main selling point is that it uses clever compression techniques to ...

Vodafone smile competition hijacked by frowning protesters

by Darren Allan
When Vodafone organised a light-hearted Twitter competition for folks to tweet what made them smile, promising free handsets as a reward to some lucky punters, the company didn't bargain on an avalanche of #mademesmile protesters. Having spotted the cheery Christmas promotion, UK Uncut, the anti-cuts and anti-tax avoidance campaign, seized the opportunity ...

Google Latitude app arrives on iPhone and iPad

by Darren Allan
Google Latitude is now available as an app for iOS. While Google wanted to make the service available on the iPhone last year, Apple blocked it via the approval process. However, the recently relaxed stance the Cupertino company has taken on approvals means that the app is now available on the ...

Google presents Nexus S challenge, win a free phone

by Darren Allan
Google has launched a series of Twitter challenges, with the winner of each being rewarded with a shiny new Nexus S smartphone. Check it out at the Google Nexus channel on Twitter. The latest puzzle from yesterday challenged tweeters to construct a haiku about why they should be the winner of a Nexus S. The competition is open to residents of ...

December 12, 2010

Nokia E7 coming to 3 in Q1 2011

by Darren Allan
3 has announced that the Nokia E7 will be available in the first quarter of next year. The phone features a full Qwerty keypad, an 8 megapixel camera, social network integration, and a 4 inch AMOLED display with Clear Black. Clear Black is Nokia's technology which ensures a clearer picture that's apparently ideal for visibility when outdoors. Sylvia Chind, Head of Branded Devices ...

December 11, 2010

Gingerbread incoming for Samsung Galaxy S

by Darren Allan
Good news for Galaxy S owners, the Gingerbread man will be coming to Samsung's popular smartphone. According to Samsung Mobile India's Twitter feed (spotted by T3), the fact that the mobile will get Gingerbread, otherwise known as Android 2.3, has been confirmed. The company kept it short and simple with a brief tweet: “Yes we will get gingerbeard on GalaxyS.” We assume they ...

December 10, 2010

Google Nexus S now on pre-order at Carphone Warehouse

by Darren Allan
The Google Nexus S smartphone is now available for pre-order at Carphone Warehouse. You can grab it sim-free for a rather pricey £550, or on PAYG with O2, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone for the same price but with a £10 ...

Apple Rewind names top iOS apps for 2010

by Darren Allan
Apple has compiled its annual iTunes Rewind, a chart of the apps of the year on the iPhone and iPad for 2010. So what were Apple's fave apps on these devices? According to an article on Mashable, the big A picked Flipboard (a social ...

Custom iPhone 4 made from T-Rex tooth and meteor

by Darren Allan
By now, Stuart Hughes is a name you might well recognise in conjunction with the iPhone. He's the Liverpudlian purveyor of pricey technological gadgets which he usually clads in gold and encrusts with liberal sprinklings of diamonds. However, his latest trick is something a bit different. While it does come with some ...

December 9, 2010

Google says 300,000 Android phones are activated every day

by Darren Allan
Google has been informing the world at large about the quantity of Android smartphones the company is currently flogging. Andy Rubin, VP of Engineering, let the latest global daily sales figures – well, activation figures – out of the bag on Twitter (as highlighted by Electronista). Rubin tweeted: “There are over 300,000 Android phones activated each day.” A man of many words, ...

3 and T-Mobile roll out Froyo for Samsung Galaxy S

by Darren Allan
Samsung Galaxy S owners can rejoice, for Android 2.2 is finally out via networks 3 and T-Mobile – although evidently with some issues on the latter. Phandroid spotted the fact that 3 announced Froyo was available for their Galaxy S users. It's not being delivered over the ...

December 8, 2010

Google Nexus S comes with NFC technology

by Darren Allan
While we've written a few stories on the Nexus S since it was unveiled yesterday, one element we haven't yet discussed is NFC. This is a technology Google's new smartphone boasts, the full name of which is Near Field Communication. It could allow the handset to be used in some pretty novel ways in the future. Essentially, the feature allows your phone ...

Rim sees PlayBook software on smartphones

by Darren Allan
RIM Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis has been talking about the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, and its relationship with the company's BlackBerry smartphones. According to Reuters, he stated that software developed for the PlayBook tablet would eventually find its way onto smartphones. When smartphones get powered up and are using multi-core processors at some point in the future, Lazaridis believes there's no reason why ...

Google Nexus S tariffs at Carphone Warehouse

by Darren Allan
The Nexus S is out on December 20th, only a week and a half away now, and Carphone Warehouse is selling it exclusively for a sim-free price of £550. That's quite a whack, although the company is also offering a range of tariffs from networks too, to avoid that heavy up front fee. Deals start ...

December 7, 2010

Gingerbread coming to Nexus One, but not just yet

by Darren Allan
There was a considerable degree of excitement over the Nexus S being unveiled yesterday, Google's Gingerbread carrying smartphone. Although some sources also pointed to the fact that Gingerbread (Android 2.3) was due to roll out on the Nexus One handset imminently, which would have got plenty of owners of Google's original smartphone excited, too. Unfortunately, it seems as though that excitement may ...

Google Maps for Mobile 5 is imminent

by Darren Allan
Google is about to release version 5 of its Maps for Mobile service, which brings 3D into the mix. Andy Rubin, Google's Vice President of Engineering, showed it off when he demo'ed a prototype Motorola tablet running Gingerbread at the D: Dive into Mobile event in San Francisco yesterday evening. Rubin said that the new version for smartphones would be available in ...

Opera Mobile for Android will support Flash and HTML5

by Darren Allan
Opera has made it known that its browser for Android will support both Flash and HTML5 standards for web video. The company has just released the beta of its mobile browser for Android, Opera 10.1, and one of the Opera team, Pavel Studený, has been posting on the Opera Mobile Blog about the future. He wrote: “Although Opera Mobile already has all ...

Android is profitable for Google

by Darren Allan
Despite the fact that Google doesn't charge partners and carriers to use its Android operating system, the OS is apparently still profitable. That was the word from the Vice President of Mobile at Google, Andy Rubin, who was speaking at the D: Dive into Mobile event in San Francisco. According to a transcript of the interview put together by Ina Fried at ...

Google Nexus S phone unveiled

by Darren Allan
Google has taken the wraps off the sequel to its Nexus One smartphone, which at one point looked like it would never happen. The Google Nexus S is built by Samsung (not HTC, who manufactured the original Nexus), and it's a pretty slick looking device. The phone comes bearing a 4 inch 800 x480 resolution “contour” display, meaning that it's slightly ...

December 6, 2010

Nokia N9 tech specs spilled?

by Darren Allan
The Nokia N9, which will supposedly be the first MeeGo powered handset from the Finnish firm, has had some of its rumoured tech specs spilled onto Twitter. NokNok.tv reports that a Twitter conversation between two Nokia blog authors revealed some of the alleged specs of the N9. If correct, the handset will boast a large 4.2 inch AMOLED display, 1GB of Rom, ...

White iPhone 4 coming in Spring 2011

by Darren Allan
The saga of the white iPhone 4 has been a long running one to say the least. The white wonder phone has been delayed no less than three times this year, and despite Stephen Fry having one, the latest release date from Apple – which we reported back in October – ...

December 4, 2010

Guardian iPad app on the way, and new iPhone subscription charge

by Darren Allan
The Guardian has revealed that it's about to update its iPhone app, and also release an app for the iPad. The new improved iPhone app will boast a landscape reading view, fresh video content (award-winning video, no less), live football scores and the ability to view reader comments. There's one final ...

December 3, 2010

Spotify for Android gets revamp, now available on more mobiles

by Darren Allan
The Spotify client for Android has been given a considerable overhaul, part of which involves making it accessible to more Android phones. As well as being given fresh aesthetics and a redesign, the app supports a fuller range of screen resolutions, so it's now officially functioning properly on a number of new mobiles. These include the HTC ...

December 2, 2010

T-Mobile Android 2.2 update for Galaxy S delayed until next week

by Darren Allan
A few hours ago we reported on the non-appearing Froyo update for the Galaxy S owners with T-Mobile, which was supposed to be rolled out on Kies today. Actually, it was supposed to be rolled out yesterday, and has been subject to several delays already. Galaxy S owners were getting angry on the ...

Still no sign of T-Mobile Froyo update for Samsung Galaxy S

by Darren Allan
On Tuesday, T-Mobile announced on its official forums that Froyo would be rolling out for Galaxy S owners. They hoped to get an OTA update out that day, but failing that, it would be made available on Wednesday via Kies. The OTA upgrade failed to emerge, but then yesterday, there was no sign of ...

Windows Phone 7 unlocking app is pulled

by Darren Allan
Almost as soon as it was released, the ChevronWP7 app, which effectively unlocks Windows Phone 7 handsets, has been pulled. ChevronWP7 allowed users to install apps which aren't approved by Microsoft. As soon as the tool had hit the market, it was criticised by many developers as helping to facilitate piracy on WP7 mobiles. The makers insisted this wasn't their intention, ...