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Mobile Phone News

October 26, 2010

Dell Venue Pro also tips up on Amazon for £499

by Darren Allan
It seems that the majority of retailers will likely be flogging the sim-free Dell Venue Pro for £499, as not only does eXpansys have this down as the price, but also Amazon. Amazon is also stating November 8th as a release date, somewhat earlier than we were expecting the handset to arrive from previous rumours floating around (although that release date ...

Tesco iPhone app gets barcode scanner

by Darren Allan
Tesco has added a barcode scanning facility to its grocery shopping app for the iPhone. The app, which was released last month, lets you order your weekly shop directly from your Apple smartphone, or add something when you're out and about, and realise you've missed something off the online shop you did earlier on the home computer. The added ...

Dell Venue Pro priced at £499 sim-free

by Darren Allan
The Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone 7 handset has been priced up by an online retailer. According to eXpansys, the smartphone costs £499 sim-free, and it will be shipping on November 8th, a week on Monday. It has also just been announced that the phone will have an Android version coming out, although you'll have to wait a bit longer than two ...

Dell Venue Pro will get Android version

by Darren Allan
The Dell Venue Pro was one of the initial line up of Windows Phone 7 handsets unveiled at Microsoft's launch event earlier this month. The smartphone is a more business oriented affair than the other WP7 mobiles announced, coming in the form of a BlackBerry Torch style portrait slider with a full Qwerty keyboard. If you were keen on the specs – ...

VLC Media Player now on iPhone and iPod Touch

by Darren Allan
The VLC Media Player app is now available not only on the iPad, but the iPhone and iPod Touch with the latest version. VLC is a free and open source media player, and a clever bit of technical wizardry in that it allows you to play almost any format video file on your iDevice without having to convert ...

October 25, 2010

BlackBerry App World goes desktop friendly

by Darren Allan
Rim has unveiled a web based version of its BlackBerry app store, to enable users to download and install apps direct from their computer desktop. The Register reports that BlackBerry customers will need to install a plug-in for their browser to facilitate hooking up and installing from computer to smartphone. By making it easier for apps to be bought and directly installed ...

Orange wheels out Nokia N8

by Darren Allan
Orange has announced that it's now flogging Nokia's latest top-end handset, the long awaited N8. You can pick it up on the Panther 35 plan, which is £35 per month over two years, or a special offer of £32.50 online. That comes with a basic package deal of 600 minutes and unlimited texts, with the handset free. Alternatively there's the Dolphin 35 ...

HTC Desire HD not ready on Vodafone?

by Darren Allan
At the weekend, we reported that Vodafone announced that it's now carrying both the Nokia N8 and HTC Desire HD, two much awaited handsets. Although it seems that according to our some of our readers, Vodafone isn't ready and shipping the Desire HD just yet. Two of our readers posted to say the network operator had contacted them and said their pre-ordered ...

HTC Desire HD firmware-over-the-air update out

by Darren Allan
A firmware-over-the-air (or FOTA) update has been made available by HTC for its new Desire HD phone. Version 1.32.405.3 will provide screen control and photo message compatibility enhancements, according to HTC. The company notes that users should use a wi-fi connection to grab the new firmware, to avoid data charges as it's a sizeable update. As ever, HTC also recommends that you ...

October 23, 2010

Vodafone now has HTC Desire HD and Nokia N8 in stock

by Darren Allan
Vodafone has announced that it is now carrying both the HTC Desire HD and Nokia N8. The N8 will be available in an exclusive lime green colour (or as we dubbed it when we first set eyes on the device, luminous snot green; it's certainly eye catching). The Android powered Desire HD arrives after a delay caused by Google's type approval ...

October 22, 2010

Concern over parental controls on kids’ mobiles

by Darren Allan
Internet safety guru Tanya Byron has been busy compiling a guide to help keep children safe on the net, in conjunction with Carphone Warehouse. And a survey undertaken as part of this project has revealed a lack of know-how on the part of parents whose children own smartphones capable of web surfing. The study conducted by YouGov questioned some 3,000 parents, the ...

3 offers Samsung Omnia 7 and HTC Desire HD

by Darren Allan
Both the new Samsung Omnia 7 Microsoft OS powered smartphone and the successor to the HTC Desire, the HD, are now available to buy at 3. The network operator is offering the Omnia 7, with its 4 inch super AMOLED display, on The One Plan, a two year deal with the handset free for £40 per month. That is on the ...

October 21, 2010

TomTom brings mapping expertise to HTC Locations

by Darren Allan
TomTom and HTC have announced a partnership, combining their navigation wits to bring quality mapping solutions to HTC smartphones. Specifically, HTC Locations, the smartphone company's new mapping service, will come pre-loaded with sat-nav expert TomTom's maps. TomTom's “location-rich” navigation data will be available freely via HTC Locations, but if you want actual turn-by-turn directions, you'll have to purchase and download that. Maarten van ...

Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.2 update gets delayed

by Darren Allan
Late last week, Samsung announced that the Froyo or Android 2.2 update would finally be coming to the Galaxy S smartphone this week. It seems that this won't be the case, however, as the firm has issued an update via its official Twitter channel. Samsung tweeted: “The Froyo upgrade will be available in the UK from early November and we expect all ...

Windows Phone 7 handsets out today

by Darren Allan
If you've been waiting for the chance to finally get your mitts on Microsoft's latest operating system, then today's the day when Windows Phone 7 devices finally become available in the UK. There's been quite a buzz about the OS, which introduces a fresh interface designed around live tiles and hubs, and some major steps such as full Xbox Live integration ...

October 20, 2010

Grab the Samsung Omnia 7 for £25 per month

by Darren Allan
Yesterday, T-Mobile put the Samsung Omnia 7 up for pre-order on its website, offering the handset for free on a £35 per month two year contract. That deal includes 900 minutes, 500 texts, and unlimited (fair usage) mobile net. However, there's a much cheaper option than this, and that's to purchase through a reseller. T3 spotted that BuyMobilePhones.net had the Windows Phone ...

October 19, 2010

Samsung Wave II to hit UK in December

by Darren Allan
The sequel to Samsung's Wave smartphone is due to land in the UK come December. This news comes directly from Samsung's official Twitter account, which when questioned about the release date, replied: “We don't have an exact date, but the Wave II will be available in the UK from December 2010.” The Wave II comes with a larger 3.7 inch display, although ...

Swype now out for Symbian^3

by Darren Allan
Swype is now available on the Ovi Store, for those of you running Symbian^3 handsets such as the freshly released flagship Nokia N8. Swype is a novel text entry app which employs a virtual keyboard on which the user continuously traces their fingertip from one key to the next. The app works out the word you want from this traced path ...

Cut the Rope to surpass Angry Birds sales?

by Darren Allan
The publisher of Angry Birds, the hugely popular mobile game, has released a new title which is selling massively and might equal or even eclipse the furious avians eventually. Cut the Rope for iOS challenges the player to feed a monster by the name of Om Nom. As the name suggests, this is done by slicing a rope ...

T-Mobile offering Samsung Omnia 7 on pre-order

by Darren Allan
T-Mobile has stuck Samsung's Windows Phone 7 powered blower, the Omnia 7, up for pre-order on its website. The smartphone comes with a 4 inch super AMOLED display, a 1GHz processor, a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, flash and HD recording, 8GB of memory, wi-fi and GPS. T-Mobile is offering you this little lot for £35 per month on a two year ...

Nokia C7 now available for £320

by Darren Allan
Yesterday, we ran a story on the Nokia C7 becoming available for pre-order direct from the Finnish firm's website. You can bag the handset for next Monday – Nokia has a week exclusive itself before general release in the UK – for the price of £389 sim-free. However, it seems there's a cheaper sim-free option that IT Pro Portal spotted, with the ...

October 18, 2010

BlackBerry Style 9670 flip phone unveiled

by Darren Allan
Rim has taken the wraps off a new BlackBerry smartphone, the 9670 which carries its latest OS 6. The handset is a flip affair with a full Qwerty keyboard for painless messaging. It's also loaded with a 5 megapixel camera plus flash, GPS, wi-fi, an optical trackpad, and a memory slot to allow for up to 32GB worth of extra storage. As ...

Samsung Omnia 7 will boast HD Voice on Orange

by Darren Allan
Orange has announced that UK buyers who choose to take out a Samsung Omnia 7 contract with them will benefit from HD Voice technology. The Omnia 7 is one of many Windows Phone 7 handsets unveiled last week, and SlashGear reports that it will be HD Voice enabled. HD Voice allows compatible phones to make calls with crystal clear clarity, eliminating any ...

Pre-ordering for Nokia C7 now available

by Darren Allan
The Nokia C7 is now up for pre-order direct from the Finnish firm's website. It's exclusively available from the company on next Monday, October 25th, a week before the handset's general release in the UK. The smartphone will set you back £389 sim-free, and the Nokia site also points to T-Mobile as the best contract deal. That's a £25 per month two ...

October 17, 2010

Nokia N8 now on sale in the UK

by Darren Allan
The Nokia N8 high-end handset is finally on sale with UK operators and from the Finnish firm's online store. Sim-free from the Nokia Store, the N8 will set you back £429. If that lump sum doesn't appeal, 3 is offering a free handset on a two year £35 per month deal, with 2000 minutes and 1GB of Internet. T-Mobile is also ...

Samsung Galaxy S gets Froyo update

by Darren Allan
Owners of the popular Samsung Galaxy S handset will doubtless be chuffed to hear that Froyo is finally being released for the smartphone. Samsung has announced that Android 2.2 will be available via Kies, the company's proprietary Windows based upgrade platform. It will be rolled out in Europe, beginning with Scandinavian countries. Samsung tweeted: “We’re rolling out Froyo updates in Europe. We’re ...

October 16, 2010

Diamond encrusted iPhone 4 costs £5 million

by Darren Allan
Stuart Hughes, the Liverpudlian purveyor of eye-wateringly expensive gadgets, has been at it again. In May he produced a golden iPad worth £130,000, and before that he knocked out a gold Nintendo Wii which cost £300,000. Indeed, a year ago he produced a gold and diamond studded iPhone 3GS with a £2 million price tag. Now he's gone and ...

October 14, 2010

EA reveals Windows Phone 7 games line up

by Darren Allan
EA has revealed which titles will be in its initial mobile gaming line up for Microsoft's new operating system Windows Phone 7. The Sims 3 is the biggest franchise to be unveiled, the number one best-seller on the PC. You'll be able to design your sims from dozens of personality traits, cloth them, give them jobs, then generally mess with their ...

Amazon pulls HTC 7 Trophy listing

by Darren Allan
Earlier this week, we reported that Amazon had listed the HTC 7 Trophy on pre-order for £430 sim-free, despite Vodafone's UK exclusive on the Windows Phone 7 powered handset. Well, now if you do a search for “Trophy” on the online shopping site, the leading result returned will no longer be HTC's phone, because Amazon has pulled the listing. (What you'll ...

Dell Streak will get Froyo before 2010 is out

by Darren Allan
Those of you with a Dell Streak will be pleased to know that Froyo is finally headed to the smartphone/mini-tablet. This comes after last month's update to 2.1, for O2 customers in the UK anyway, although it appears Dell is going to skip Android 2.1 in the States and go straight to Android 2.2 (Froyo). According to Streak Smart, Dell has said ...

October 13, 2010

3 announces Froyo update for HTC Desire owners

by Darren Allan
3 has announced that customers who own an HTC Desire will be receiving a Froyo upgrade tomorrow. Froyo is Android 2.2, and the update is planned to go live at 9am tomorrow morning. Let's hope it goes without a hitch, unlike certain other companies Froyo-Desire updates (cough-O2-cough). 3 has tweeted to remind customers who are planning to upgrade first thing: “HTC Desire ...

Apple gets text censoring patent to tackle “sexting”

by Darren Allan
A patent which Apple filed for back in 2008 to allow the monitoring and censoring of inappropriate text messages has been granted to the company. The theory is that the patent is aimed at younger iPhone users, allowing parents to prevent them from receiving age inappropriate messages, or indeed “sexting” each other as hormonally driven teenagers do. According to ...

Windows Phone 7 will sync with Mac

by Darren Allan
The latest Windows Phone 7 buzz – had enough of it already this week? – is that Microsoft's OS will let Mac owners in the door. They'll be able to sync their WP7 handset with their Mac, according to Engadget who prised a statement from the lips of Microsoft. Microsoft said: “Later in 2010 Microsoft will make a public beta available of ...

Samsung Focus will have microSD support, Omnia 7 won’t

by Darren Allan
Earlier this morning, we reported on the fact that Windows Phone 7 handsets will allow for memory expansion via a microSD slot (despite what Microsoft has previously stated). The catch is you can't remove the microSD card without hard resetting the phone, so this isn't a removable storage solution. And it's not clear which WP7 mobiles will come with a microSD ...

One in five drivers social network at the wheel

by Darren Allan
A new survey from the RAC has made some alarming revelations when it comes to the phone habits of drivers. In just a year, the number of motorists who admit to using their mobile phone to take calls and send texts while on the road has tripled. The survey indicated that 31% of drivers sent text messages while behind the wheel, which ...

White iPhone 4 spotted… in Stephen Fry’s hands

by Darren Allan
The saga of the production difficulties surrounding the white iPhone 4 has been going on for quite some time now. The last we heard, it was due around Christmas, although we were beginning to suspect that the iPhone 5 would be out before the snowy version of the fourth-generation handset finally appeared. But now one has been spotted – ...

HTC and Samsung success driven by Android

by Darren Allan
The figures for the second quarter of smartphone sales in 2010 are in from iSuppli, with the fastest growing companies being boosted by the success of Android this year. 2010 has definitely been the year of Android in the mobile world, with the operating system leaping ahead of Windows Mobile and Apple's iOS in terms of market share. And when it comes ...

Some Windows Phone 7 handsets will have microSD slots

by Darren Allan
Previously, we had been told that Windows Phone 7 handsets wouldn't have any memory expansion potential, with the user being stuck with the basic amount on board. And that's 8GB of storage on many models, which looks a bit thin on the ground for holding all your music, videos and so forth. However, it seems Microsoft has changed its tune now, at ...

October 12, 2010

HTC 7 Trophy not Vodafone exclusive after all

by Darren Allan
If you cast your mind back to yesterday, you may just recall the Windows Phone 7 launch, and a number of HTC handsets being announced. One of these was the Trophy, which Vodafone proudly proclaimed it had an exclusive on, but it seems there'll be another way to lift a Trophy in the UK. And that's by purchasing it sim-free from ...

INQ working on Spotify branded mobile

by Darren Allan
It seems that manufacturer INQ Mobile, which has previously been linked to the fabled Facebook branded smartphone (which the social networking site claims doesn't exist), is apparently working on a Spotify branded mobile. This is according to a piece in Businessweek, in which CEO Frank Meehan said that it was INQ's aim to “deeply integrate” Spotify's service into upcoming handsets. Although ...

HTC 7 Pro UK release confirmed

by Darren Allan
One of the many handsets unveiled at yesterday's Windows Phone 7 launch was the HTC 7 Pro, although no mention was made of its European plans. Now the neat looking handset has been confirmed for the UK (along with the rest of Europe), with the smartphone set to arrive early in 2011, Engadget reports. There's no word on which networks will ...

Samsung Wave II announced

by Darren Allan
Amidst all the hullabaloo of Windows Phone 7 launch announcements yesterday and today, another smartphone has popped up which – gasps of surprise – doesn't run Microsoft's new operating system. The Samsung Wave II will be powered by the firm's own Bada OS, featuring the TouchWiz UI, just as the original Wave phone was configured. The new Wave will have a bigger ...

Vodafone confirms Oct 22nd for Desire HD

by Darren Allan
Vodafone has confirmed that it expects to be shipping the new HTC Desire HD on October 22nd, a week on Friday. So V3.co.uk reports, with the delay apparently caused by a Google “type approval” testing issue, as we mentioned at the weekend. The smartphone was originally supposed to ship this Friday on Vodafone. News about the Desire Z is still unclear, however. ...

Samsung Omnia 7 on pre-order with 3 today

by Darren Allan
The Samsung Omnia 7, one of the Windows Phone 7 handsets announced at the operating system's launch yesterday, will be available for pre-order on 3 today. The network announced that the Omnia will be the first WP7 smartphone it carries. The mobile boasts a 4 inch Super AMOLED display, a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, flash and 720p recording, a 1GHz ...

Dell Venue Pro WP7 smartphone out in UK before Christmas

by Darren Allan
The Dell Venue Pro, a Windows Phone 7 handset unveiled at yesterday's launch of the operating system, will be out in this country before the end of the year. That's the buzz as reported by TechRadar, which notes that this will be the sixth Windows Phone 7 handset preparing to be launched in the UK market. The others are the Samsung ...

Stephen Fry talks up Windows Phone 7 at launch

by Darren Allan
There was a surprise guest at yesterday's Windows Phone 7 launch, none other than the host of QI and generally witty fellow Stephen Fry. The surprise being that Fry would stand behind Microsoft, when he is more known for his vocal backing of Apple. ZDNet UK reported that the presenter and comedian admitted himself: “I never thought the day would come ...

October 11, 2010

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 launched

by Darren Allan
Microsoft has officially unveiled its new Windows Phone 7 operating system and the handsets carrying it. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer described the new operating system as modern in its design principles. According to a Guardian report of his speech, Ballmer said he'd focus on two key things regarding the OS, that it was “always delightful and wonderfully mine.” He explained: “We wanted ...

LG Optimus 7 spec leaked ahead of Windows Phone 7 launch

by Darren Allan
The LG Optimus 7 has had some of its spec leaked by a keen blogger on the LG site, ahead of Microsoft's official Windows Phone 7 launch later today. The smartphone carries Microsoft's new OS, and will come with a 3.8 inch touchscreen, a 5 megapixel camera with flash (capable of 720p HD recording), 16GB of memory (a nice change from ...

Windows Phone 7 finally launches later today

by Darren Allan
The big day has finally arrived when Microsoft will launch its new mobile operating system. Windows Phone 7 has been built to appeal more to the consumer, in an effort to capture smartphone market share back for Microsoft. Windows Mobile was surpassed by Google's Android in terms of global smartphone share this year, with the Microsoft OS being pushed down into fifth ...

BlackBerry Torch 9800 now available on 3

by Darren Allan
The BlackBerry Torch 9800 is now available on the 3 network. You can pick up the smartphone for £30 per month on a two year deal, with a hefty 2000 minutes, 5000 texts and 1GB of data. The catch is an up front charge of £250 for the handset. Mind you, Vodafone charges nearly that on its £30 per month two year ...