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Home Theater Systems

May 5, 2011

Samsung HT-C6930W 3D 7.1 ch Channel Blu-ray Home Cinema System

by Franz Bicar
5.1ch Home Cinema Systems, if done right, is absolutely amazing. How much more for a 7.1ch Home Cinema System from Samsung? The Samsung HT-C6930W is designed for the ultimate home theater aficionados. Its 7.1 channel 3D surround sound brings the viewer a fully immersive entertainment experience. If you are looking for ...

May 4, 2011

Panasonic SC-BTT755EBK Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disk Home Cinema System

by Franz Bicar
Home theatre system that can produce original film quality is hard to come by. Most systems that do, will cost you an arm and a limb. The Panasonic SC-BTT755EBK might be just what you've been looking for. At £379, you get video quality and excellent audio performance that matches original ...

May 3, 2011

LG HB405SU 5.1 Blu-ray Home Cinema System

by Franz Bicar
The LG HB405SU 5.1 Blu-ray Home Cinema System is exactly what you need if you prefer watching movies in the comfort of your home. At £190, the LG HB405SU is probably one of the cheapest fully stacked home cinema system out in the market today. Out of the box, you ...

Toshiba BDX1100 Blu-Ray Player Review

by Franz Bicar
The Toshiba BDX1100 Blu-Ray Player is an unassuming piece of equipment. At first glance, it seems unexceptional with limited features and no 3D support. But some people will agree, that with all the hype surrounding 3D, movies still look exceptional in 2D. With the Toshiba BDX1100 you get a player ...

April 29, 2011

LG HT805PH 5.1 DVD Home Cinema System

by Franz Bicar
With 850 watts of power, what more can you ask for in a home cinema system? Paired with an LG HDTV, you get absolutely what you are paying for. Out of the box, you get 2 sattelite speakers, 2 tall speakers, 1 center speaker, and 1 sub woofer. The player ...

April 27, 2011

LG HT805TH 5.1 DVD Home Cinema System

by Franz Bicar
At this price point, you can't get anything better than the LG HT805TH 5.1 DVD Home Cinema System. At £150, you get the best combination of price, features, and performance. The LG HT805PM comes in with five speakers - two on the left and two on the right. There's another two ...

Sony S380 Blu-ray Player Review

by Franz Bicar
The Sony S380 Blu-ray player is another addition to Sony's increasing lineup of Blu-ray players for this year. The S380 can be considered as an entry level player with stripped down, no-nonsense features. Very cheap at £117, the S380 features a simple panel, all black, with curved - rather than angular ...

April 25, 2011

Samsung HT-C555 5.1ch Home Theater System

by Franz Bicar
A home theater system that combines both visual value and audio performance is something you need in your living room. The Samsung HT-C555 might just be one, that falls on this category. As an advanced home entertainment system, the HT-C555 is not that easy to set up. Better call in ...