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May 10, 2011

Windows 7: How to use Compatibility Mode

by Jeff Ferdinand
I have found that most programs work fine in Windows 7, but that is not always the case for everyone. Especially businesses. Many times after an operating system upgrade old programs don't seem to work like they should. One quick fix for this is running the program in compatibility mode.  This may not always work ...

April 28, 2011

Windows 7: How to turn off Windows features (IE?)

by Jeff Ferdinand
Windows has some nice features, and then it has some not so nice features. People's opinions on which is which will differ, a lot. No worries, though. You can turn off Windows features you don't want or need. Do you use Chrome or Firefox? Turn off IE, and you aren't limited to just turning that off. There is a quick step on this ...

Windows 7: How to Easily Lock Your Computer

by Jeff Ferdinand
Shortcuts are nice and shortcuts that help us with security are even better! Here is a quick one that can be of use in a work environment or at home. It is always better to lock your machine than to come back and find out what somebody did with your logon while you were away.  Locking your machine can be a ...

April 25, 2011

Windows 7: How to Move the Taskbar

by Jeff Ferdinand
Those that like to live dangerously will appreciate this information. Really, who wants to have their taskbar in the same old boring place day after day? If you can't stand the thought of your taskbar in some new place check out one of the other tutorials, but if you crave a bit of variety please continue. This tutorial is fairly short and ...

Windows 7: How to find information about your system

by Jeff Ferdinand
Windows 7 is full of useful and convenient features. One of the most important is one that you may not be aware of.   System Information  It is important to know what your system has especially if you are calling someone ...

April 20, 2011

Windows 7: How to set Desktop Background slideshow using your images

by Jeff Ferdinand
Windows 7 is full of fun little things you can do, tricks and changes. Here is a quick one that you might enjoy: How to set up the Desktop Background slideshow using your images This one is fairly simple, and as always there are alternate ways to accomplish it. If you are in a hurry ...

January 25, 2011

Installing Windows 98 on Windows 7 Virtual Machine

by Brian Turner
Am now running Windows 98 on a Virtual Machine in Windows 7. Main reason was to run some legacy software, so I could start updating some files from Win 98 versions to XP versions I can use again. Process was pretty simple, if intimating looking. Upgrade Windows 7 First point: you can only use Virtual Machines on ...