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Wireless News

January 26, 2010

RAYSPAN announces MTM-B antenna for improved Wi-Fi performance

by Jan Harris
RAYSPAN® Corporation today announced the launch of a new standalone metamaterial balanced antenna (MTM-B™), offering an integrated solution for ultrahigh performance WiFi access points and routers. MTM-B™ is designed to meet the requirements for single band 2.4 or 5.0GHz designs as well as dual band 2.4/5.0GHz devices, in a small form factor of 15mm X 14mm, which is 80% smaller than ...

January 25, 2010

802.11n to lead Wi-Fi chip market in 2010

by Jan Harris
In 2009, worldwide shipments of Wi-Fi ICs increased approximately 28% compared to 2008, according to data from ABI Research. Total revenue achieved an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18% between 2009 and 2014. “Despite the uncertain macroeconomic situation, total market demand for Wi-Fi ICs is expected to keep growing” says industry analyst Celia Bo. “The demand for Wi-Fi ICs in mobile ...

January 22, 2010

Eseye celebrates growth in M2M communications over cellular network

by Jan Harris
During 2009, Eseye's interconnect with the Orange GPRS / 3G Network was fully integrated with the Eseye M2M+ platform to give developers and customers a single point for management of communication, network use and the application. Paul Marshall COO of Eseye said “Our customers know the real value in connecting with their remote equipment. They have benefitted from 100% service availability throughout ...

January 8, 2010

Swissqual Revenues Up Thirty Percent

by Jan Harris
SwissQual, the independent Swiss network quality measurement company, says that 2009 orders increased nearly 30 percent over 2008 levels and the company has added new customers in ten new territories. “In the recession, mobile operators are buying products and services that enhance network performance and help them to reduce capital spending”, said John May, SwissQual’s CEO. “Our focus on product quality, service, ...

Sigma and Ralink connect home devices via 802.11n Wi-Fi

by Jan Harris
Sigma Designs (Nasdaq:SIGM), a leading provider of system-on-chip (SoC) solutions used to deliver entertainment and control throughout the home, and Ralink Technology Corporation (TSE:3534), a leading supplier of 802.11n chipsets for wireless communications, today announced their cooperative relationship resulting in the availability of 802.11n Wi-Fi-enabled reference designs. These advanced and feature-rich reference designs enable rapid deployment of wirelessly networked consumer electronic ...

Quantenna announces Full-11n 4×4 MIMO Wi-Fi Products

by Jan Harris
Quantenna Communications, Inc., a leader in ultra-reliable Wi-Fi networking for whole-home entertainment, today announced it will be showcasing at CES 2010 the first wireless home networking chipsets that incorporate the entire range of Full-11n Wi-Fi features that are necessary to deliver multiple full HD video streams with 1080p quality anywhere in the home, while maintaining compatibility with existing 802.11n products. “We ...

LG Electronics demos LTE Technology from Innowireless

by Jan Harris
Innowireless Co., Ltd. (Innowireless), a mobile communication test, measurement and network optimization solution provider, announced that its technology for long-term evolution user equipment (LTE UE) was successfully showcased by LG Electronics (LG) at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The Innowireless Accuver AWT 700A Long Term Evolution (LTE) Base Station Emulator (BSE) and XCAL/XCAP network optimization solutions were used in the ...

January 7, 2010

Broadcom drives next generation of connected and location-aware devices

by Jan Harris
Broadcom Corporation today announced its new InConcert® Maestro™ software platform that allows developers to easily add different types of wireless connectivity to software applications across communications, computing and consumer products. The unified API (application programming interface) framework, which includes support for Bluetooth 3.0 High Speed and the upcoming Wi-Fi Direct standard, will enable OEMs and carriers to offer easy-to-use services and ...

January 5, 2010

Actix Appoints New CEO

by Jan Harris
Actix, the recognized leader in Self-Optimizing Network (SON) technologies, today announced the appointment of Bill McHale as Chief Executive Officer. Already a non-executive director at Actix since May 2007, Bill McHale has successfully led management teams of software companies in the United States and Europe for more than 15 years before joining Argo Global Capital, a venture capital company that specializes ...

Ralink Technology Demonstrates Next Gen Wireless Solutions at CES

by Jan Harris
Ralink Technology, a leading developer of high performance wireless solutions, will demonstrate a range of new wireless technologies at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The new solutions include the world’s first single chip 450Mbps 3x3 802.11n solution with Beam Forming technology, the only commercially available 802.11n + BT3.0 solution for mobile computers, the industry’s most highly integrated 802.11n solution ...

December 23, 2009

Andrew Wins Huawei’s Excellent Core Partner Award

by Jan Harris
Andrew Solutions, the CommScope, Inc. division that is a global leader in wireless communication systems and products, has received the Excellent Core Partner Award from Huawei, one of the world's leading manufacturers of telecommunications equipment. The award was presented at the 2009 Huawei Core Partner Convention in Shenzhen, China. Andrew has been invited to this strategic meeting of Huawei for three consecutive ...

December 22, 2009

Axell Wireless wins Thames Valley Business Magazine Award

by Jan Harris
Axell Wireless, the wireless coverage specialist, has been awarded the Thames Valley Export Award, sponsored by UK Trade and Investment, as a part of the Thames Business Magazine Awards 2009. The award was granted in recognition of Axell Wireless’ outstanding performance in overseas trading. The company has seen its business grow by more than 50 percent over three years in the Americas ...

December 18, 2009

Broadcom Combo Chips Drive Adoption of Bluetooth low energy Wireless Technology

by Jan Harris
Broadcom Corporation today announced that its latest generation Bluetooth® combination chip is compliant with the ratified Bluetooth low energy version of the Bluetooth technology specification. The Bluetooth low energy specification, which the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) ratified today, enables an ultra-low power implementation of Bluetooth technology, making the technology increasingly applicable for wireless medical and fitness monitoring devices that necessitate ...

December 16, 2009

Turk Telekom’s WIROFON wins “New Telecom Service of the Year” Award

by Jan Harris
Turk Telekom’s WIROFON service won the CommsMEA “New Telecom Service of the Year” award which is given to an operator for a particularly innovative or successful service that has been launched in the last year. The award-winning service is running on Argela’s patented technology innovation - Convergence Gateway. WIROFON is a wireless service that enables Turk Telekom customers to make calls from ...

Agilent Technologies Recognised for LTE and WiMAX Leadership

by Jan Harris
Agilent Technologies Inc.has received Frost and Sullivan’s Best Practices Award for World Market Share Leadership in LTE and WiMAX test equipment. The award is based on market research showing that Agilent held the highest industry market share in 2008 with 20.2 percent of the market revenues. “We are very pleased to receive this recognition,” said Ron Nersesian, president of Agilent’s Electronic Measurement ...

December 15, 2009

First Commercial LTE Network Goes Live

by Jan Harris
With less than three weeks left in the year, TeliaSonera moved up its first quarter 2010 plans to December 2009 and announced the commercial launch of its LTE network in central parts of two cities - Stockholm and Oslo. The base stations are being provided by Ericsson (Stockholm) and Huawei (Oslo). This likely means just a small handful of base stations have ...

December 11, 2009

Billion Dollar Market for Remote Radio Heads in 2014

by Jan Harris
The demands of cost reduction and greater efficiency in cellular base station design are leading to a rapidly growing market for remote radio heads. According to a new study from ABI Research, this market is on track to exceed a value of $1 billion in 2014. Remote radio heads have been used in somewhat different form since the mid-1990s, in distributed antenna ...

November 30, 2009

Barclay Communications is O2’s top partner

by Jan Harris
Belfast-based Barclay Communications has been named O2’s top partner in its Centre of Excellence partner league table. Barclay Communications, which provides telecommunication and communication solutions to UK businesses, was assessed on new connections, Bolt Ons, ARP and churn, and was found to offer superb service to its customers. Adrian McCourt, the company’s director, said: “Over the last year we have really upped our ...

November 26, 2009

Swisscom offers hotel Smartphone WiFi service

by Jan Harris
Swisscom has become the first company to offer a Smartphone WiFi service that can be fully integrated with a hotel’s property management system. The service will allow guests to update their email, Podcasts, music and video libraries, without incurring roaming charges, while hotel operators will be able promote their own services through their guests’ handsets. Users of the new service can connect ...

November 25, 2009

New EU package approved

by Jan Harris
The new EU Telecoms Package has finally been approved by the European Parliament. The package, which has been two years in the making, promises to increase consumer rights by making it quicker to change telephone operators, and ensuring that clear information is given about contracts, including any restrictions on connection speed. Service providers will also be prevented from blocking certain services, and ...

November 9, 2009

Airvana announces HubBub UMTS High-Capacity Femtocell

by Jan Harris
Airvana, Inc. has announced a new Femtocell which will allow mobile operators to provide improved 3G connectivity and excellent call quality in public areas such as offices. The HubBub UMTS High-Capacity Femtocell, which is fully standards-compliant and uses a standard internet connection for backhaul, offers 21.6 Mbps download speeds and 5.7 Mbps upload speed. Each Femtocell supports 16 simultaneous users and delivers ...

October 21, 2009

Harris Stratex Networks receives wireless backhaul award

by Jan Harris
Harris Stratex Networks Inc. has won the 2009 Wireless Backhaul Distinction Award from Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) and Crossfire Media. The company was recognised for its Eclipse Packet Node high-speed IP wireless backhaul platform, for 4G Wireless Evolution. The Eclipse platform supports both TDM and carrier-grade Ethernet data traffic, via scalable Liquid Bandwidth software. Stuart Little, Director of Corporate Marketing for Harris Stratex ...

October 14, 2009

Global partnership for roaming hub providers

by Jan Harris
Vodafone Roaming Services has entered into an agreement with United Hubbing which will allow network operators to access networks connected to both Roaming Hubs. The will give network operators access to all other network operators on the two hubs, allowing faster provision of world-wide roaming services to all their customers. Sergey Rykov, United Hubbing’s CEO said: "This great combination will allow network ...

September 24, 2009

M2M communications to soar

by Jan Harris
M2M (machine to machine] communications are expected to triple by 2014 according to a study by ABI research. M2M technology involves machines communicating with each other via a wireless connection. The ways this technology could be applied are endless; traffic control for instance. Sensors can monitor traffic speed and volume, and send this information to computers which can then adjust the phasing of ...

September 19, 2009

WiMAX Forum reels in CEO of Yota

by Alan Harten
WiMAX Forum announced yesterday that the CEO of Yota, Dennis Sverdlov, is the newest member of its Board of Directors. Yota provides Russia with 4G WiMAX mobile internet services. President and chairman of the WiMAX forum, Ron Resnick, said that with the ecosystem of WiMax growing and thriving globally, the addition of Yota is an excellent inclusion since they are already a ...

September 14, 2009

Vodafone launches mobile broadband Wi-Fi router

by David Allen
Vodafone has launched a new credit card-sized device allowing up to five laptops or smartphones to use a single mobile broadband connection. Dubbed the Vodafone Mobile Broadband Hotspot, the unit can simultaneously connect up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices to the internet over a 3G wireless data connection. The unit, also known as MiFi 2352, has a 10-metre range, download speeds up ...

September 1, 2009

New synchronisation solution could prove very effective

by Alan Harten
Harris Stratex Networks Inc, which provides wireless solutions to broadband networks, announced Friday that it has a new synchronisation solution that should allow its Eclipse Packet Node platform to smoothly integrate towards all IP services. The new solution will let operators migrate to an all IP network from an already existing TDM infrastructure which should help make the move to next ...

August 26, 2009

Lower prices pushing Wi-Fi spread

by Alan Harten
Wireless broadband is able to make a large impact on the home internet market because of the low prices that it can be utilised for. Techworld, an IT specialist, stated that the market is currently opening up now that users can browse the internet, both from their home and while travelling, due to wireless that operates on laptops. Editor of Techworld, John ...

August 18, 2009

Omnix partners with Singprof for Chinese expansion

by David Allen
Telecoms software provider Omnix has teamed up with Beijing Sinoprof Information Technologies (Singprof) to launch its solutions in the Chinese market. Singprof, which works with China's major operators including China Mobile and China Unicom, will target Omnix solutions to assist with extensive nationwide 3G roll-outs. Omnix software enables operators to conduct data analysis for new network sites, to aid project management and ...

August 13, 2009

BT announces holiday park Wi-Fi zones

by David Allen
BT has announced plans to launch Wi-Fi Openzones at major UK holiday parks this summer, including 3 Pontin's sites, 77 Camping and Caravanning Club sites, and Coastfields Leisure sites. Visitors to these sites can use any Wi-Fi enabled device to access the Openzone connection for surfing the net, making cheap VoIP calls, or online gaming. Most users will have to pay per ...

August 4, 2009

Quiconnect and BT Openzone combine international Wi-Fi

by Alan Harten
Wi-Fi users who travel internationally will now be able to benefit from additional hotspots that allow users to connect outside of their home country, due to the new extended partnership of Quiconnect and BT Openzone. The partnership will allow Quiconnect to link onto the BT Openzone network with secure targeted networks that are available across the globe. The partnership will increase the ...

BT gains customers, Orange losing them

by Alan Harten
BT has continued to increase its customer subscriber base while Orange reported that it lost customers during the second quarter. BT announced that it signed over 77,900 new customers during Q2 of 2009, bringing the total of its complete broadband user base up to a whopping 4.8 million. This figure gives BT a 35% market share of all LLU and DSL broadband ...

July 27, 2009

Ericsson acquires Nortel's wireless units

by David Allen
Ericsson has won its bid to acquire Nortel's wireless business for $1.13bn (£690m). The Swedish telecoms giant has acquired Nortel's CDMA and Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology portfolios. Competition for the unit was fierce, with Ericsson fending off bids from Nokia Siemens Networks and BlackBerry-maker Research in Motion (RIM). The deal has yet to be approved by the courts, however, as RIM claims ...

July 14, 2009

Ericsson to invest $1.5bn in eco-4G research

by David Allen
Ericsson is set to invest $1.5 billion researching green 4G wireless services in South Korea. The Sweden-based telecoms giant said the bulk of the five-year investment will be spent on establishing a research and development centre for its LTE (long term evolution) 4G wireless system. Research will focus on developing sustainable climate solutions using 4G technologies, Ericsson said. The move is being seen ...

July 9, 2009

The Cloud chooses Interxion for colocation services

by David Allen
Interxion announced this week that it has been selected by W-iFi hotspot provider The Cloud to provide colocation services in London and Stockholm. The Netherlands-based provider of carrier-neutral data centres was chosen by The Cloud to deliver colocation facilities with high-density power configurations. With 24 data centres across Europe, Interxion provides 5kW per cabinet as standard, as well as direct access to ...

July 1, 2009

Watch Eastenders on holiday for £1,200 an episode

by David Allen
Question: You're on holiday abroad - why not take your laptop to the poolside and enjoy an episode of Eastenders, handily downloaded via your mobile broadband connection? Answer: Because at £1,200 an episode, the download will probably cost more than your whole holiday. Research by Broadband Genie has found exactly how much of a "bank breaker" overseas roaming with mobile broadband really ...

June 18, 2009

Bewan offers side-by-side 3G and Wi-FI

by Alan Harten
Bewan, the unified communications solution provider for ISPs, mobiles, and telecom operators, has announced a technology solution that will allow 3G and Wi-FI frequencies to be received and operate side by side without thermal dissipation problems. The solution is part of the Bewan iBox home gateway and allows the 3G access point to work via a standard ADSL internet connection, so ...

June 16, 2009

200Mbps Wi-Fi for round-the-world race coverage

by David Allen
As boats in the round-the-world Volvo Ocean Race converge on Stockholm, a temporary 200Mbps wireless network has been set up in the city to cope with media coverage of the event. The network, almost one kilometre long, will accommodate all data traffic surrounding the event, providing internet access to television and radio broadcasters, sponsors, service teams, guests, and the general public. More ...

June 15, 2009

Samsung sells 1,400 WiMax stations to Saudi operator

by David Allen
Samsung is to provide Saudi Arabia-based mobile operator Etihad Etisalat with WiMax products and services. Under the terms of the $100 million deal, Samsung will provide Etihad Etisalat, also known as Mobily, with WiMax Wave2 base stations, area service network gateways, and related equipment and services. Samsung will deliver 1,400 new base stations, increasing Mobily's total number of WiMax stations to 1,800. The ...

June 3, 2009

Openwave monitors and monetises mobile data traffic

by David Allen
Openwave Systems yesterday launched version 7 of its mobile analytics tool. Openwave Mobile Analytics 7.0 enables operators to track subscriber use of mobile broadband, including peak usage times and data consumption patterns. Openwave said by using its solution operators can deliver targeted content to users at an optimum price. In addition, operators can better monitor, manage and monetize mobile data traffic, including mobile ...

June 1, 2009

Olympic communications require MoD spectrum

by David Allen
The 2012 Olympics will put a marathon strain on the UK's airwaves, prompting Ofcom to ask the Ministry of Defence (MoD) if it can borrow some of its spectrum. Thousands of athletes, broadcasters, and security officials, as well as millions of visitors, will result in an unprecedented level of wireless communications being broadcast from London. Official communications will be wireless, with 20,000 ...

May 26, 2009

Free suburban Wifi

by Alan Harten
Freerunner launched yesterday across the country. This is the first free public Wifi network to be created in the UK. Controlled by industry specialists in Wifi, Freerunner will allow consumers to get broadband access for free in areas of the suburbs that might otherwise not have Internet access. Freerunner will primarily target community areas such as transport hubs, schools, libraries, and community ...

May 20, 2009

Actix prevents mobile operators from 'flying blind' with LTE

by David Allen
UK-based Actix yesterday unveiled new technology for testing LTE networks, enabling mobile operators to deploy LTE without 'flying blind'. Actix's LTE drive test product is an optimisation and benchmarking solution for LTE deployments, and is the first available test drive solution that uses LTE specific measurements. Drive test solutions enable mobile operators to quickly and cost effectively plan and launch new networks. With ...

April 21, 2009

BT in Wi-Fi deal with Starbucks

by Jan Harris
BT has announced a deal to provide Wi-Fi across at 650 Starbucks coffeehouses in the UK and Ireland. The deal builds on the increasing popularity of BT’s Wi-Fi service, and with coffee shops currently the third most popular venue for logging onto the Internet, the deal looks set to benefit both parties. The new Wi-Fi service will be installed this week and ...

March 23, 2009

3G and 4G users to triple by 2013

by David Allen
Nearly a third of wireless subscriptions will be 3G or 4G by 2013, according to research by In-Stat. The market analyst said 30% of subscriptions will be with third or fourth generation technology within the next five years. This is compared to 11% of subscriptions on 3G at the end of 2008. In particular, the research found that WiMax deployments are continuing despite ...

January 12, 2009

LTE market to grow despite recession

by David Allen
Over 18 telecoms operators around the world plan to deploy LTE networks, with most operators unperturbed by the global economic turmoil, a report on LTE by ABI Research has revealed. Verizon, for example, is one of several carriers to bring its LTE deployment timetable forward, with launch expected later this year instead of in 2010. Japan-based operator NTT is also expected to ...

January 9, 2009

Nokia adds its nail to WiMax coffin

by David Allen
The world's biggest mobile phone maker has added a additional nail to the WiMax coffin by discontinuing production of its only WiMax device. The Nokia 810 WiMax Edition internet tablet has been withdrawn from the market only months after its release. An upgraded version of the standard Nokia 810, the WiMax Edition replaced the 810's Wi-Fi card with WiMax connectivity. Nokia said production ...

January 7, 2009

VMax chooses Alvarion for WiMax base stations

by David Allen
Israeli wireless manufacturer Alvarion has won a $12 million order from VMax for WiMax base stations. VMax, one of Taiwan's WiMax network providers, has placed an initial order with Alvarion for 100 WiMax base stations, which will be deployed in Taiwan's Taoyuan and Hsinchu counties. Alvarion will provide VMax with its WiMax Forum Certified BreezeMAX 2500 base station. Using WiMax, VMax will launch ...

January 5, 2009

Wi-Fi town reports widespread health problems

by David Allen
Residents of a West Country town that was transformed into a Wi-Fi zone have complained of dizziness, headaches, nausea and panic attacks. Nearly 40% of those surveyed in Glastonbury, Somerset, said the installation of Wi-Fi had made them unwell. The £34,000 wireless internet installation, the first of its kind in the UK, was designed to encourage tourism and boost business in the ...

December 18, 2008

Sprint sets up Taiwan WiMax testing lab

by David Allen
Sprint Nextel and the government of Taiwan have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that allows the US WiMax operator to set up an interoperability testing (IOT) laboratory in Taiwan. Sprint will use the lab to facilitate the testing and certification of WiMax products. The lab - the first of its kind in the world outside the US - will also be ...